Announcing... the first Semi-Annual Print Sale!

Many of you may have already gotten this notice in your inbox. If you haven't, then take this opportunity to sign up for the Focus Newsletter (for lack of a better name!) The Focus will feature a couple of the latest sessions, various FAQ posts and whatever big news is happening this month (which could very well be that my flowers haven't died yet or my Shelby was a good girl today... I kid I kid!).


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Okay sorry, tangent.

ANYWAY, from May 15-31, I am offering 35% OFF all prints and products (albums excluded). And this isn't just for the recent clients. This is for EVERYBODY whose had a session from Faces in Focus since 2010!

To make it extra special, I'm offering either a free 8x10 OR two free 5x7s  for anyone who spends over $75. Simply use one of the codes below:


With the new ordering system, placing orders are a breeze! Order and pay directly online. Prints will arrive within thirty days of placing order.

I hope all of you will take advantage of this special. For 2010 clients, this will be the only opportunity to order again, especially at these prices!

This is just my way of saving thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me the opportunity to photograph all of your beautiful faces. THANK YOU!



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