Getting Down and Dirty | Hanging Rock | Part One

I went camping. Yes, me, I camp. For the past three days, I sacrificed heels, showers, and all forms of computers (gah!) I lived intrenches, got muddy and braved strong winds and bears. I even fought off a jaguar with my evil stare....

Yeah you stopped believing me when I said, "I went camping," didn't you? But I did! And no, there weren't any bears. There WAS however, friends, hot dogs, and gorgeous vies of Hanging Rock at the most PERFECT time of year!

Here are a few photos of my three days as Laura Ingalls...

To begin with, thanks to our awesome super strong husbands, we had fresh wood, awesome tent village set-ups, and five star dining! No kidding -we ate goooooood. Did I mention we even had a barrista? Oh yeah, Starbucks baby!

the men chop wood in the forest

We enjoyed Starbucks coffee in the middle of Hanging Rock!

Delicious eggs and potatoes for breakfast!

Silly face from Jared

Canadian potato chips are delicious

Our food supplies for dinner on the fire

Deer Park bottled water

Caleb whittles a staff for hiking.

The flame burns on the tiki torch

Zack holds a red salamander he found in the forest


Brandon pretends to chop a tree with his mini-axe

After pretty much a full day of rain, we relaxed by the fire as our friend Brandon sang. It was THE perfect way to end the night. I took a few photos using only the fire as a light source. I loooove how they turned out.

Brandon sings with his guitar by the fire

Trish's face lit up by the lantern

Evan smiles as we sing by the campfire.

Beautiful red flames lick the night air.

It was a great trip despite the rain. We laughed, played games and roasted ridiculous amounts of marshmellows and chocolate covered bananas - more on that tomorrow!