Life Without Computers | Hanging Rock | Part Two

I went camping almost a week and a half ago and posted Part One last week. Due to a very busy week and weekend, I'm just now getting around to posting the rest!!

Here is part two of the epic and rainy camping trip. Thankfully, this is the part where it was beautiful and sunny!


This is my "Brian slow down so I can photograph the sign!!" picture. Clearly, he didn't slow down enough.

Hanging Rock Park Rd street sign.

Landscape view of the North Carolina mountains

Beautiful white flowers I photographed while hiking the Hanging Rock trails.

White blossoms at Hanging Rock State Park

My husband picked out the camping tent all by himself. It didn't have a built in bathroom, kitchen, or foyer... but it worked. :-P

The orange tent we camped in.

Our friend Zack looooooves snakes. So he was very happy to find an awesome slithering black snake.

Zack captures a three foot black snake.

The black snake curls around our hands

Beautiful photographs of North Carolina nature.

Brian poses amongst the rocks.

Peace sign and stuck out tongue from John.

I interrupt this blog post for a cute couple...

Jared and Trish hug beside the waterfall.

Jared & Trish cuddling at Hanging Rock

Trish smiles by the Window Falls

Some people just wish they were fountains.

Brandon pretends to be a water fountain

Jared climbs the rocks

Brandon poses in the North Carolina forest.

Profile shot of my husband Brian

Stunning view of the North Carolina mountains and a Danger sign.

North Carolina flowers at Hanging Rock State Park.