Duke Gardens Family Photographer | The Gonzalez {Family}

On Monday I had another opportunity to photograph a beautiful couple in the gorgeous Duke Gardens. With an overcast sky, blooming flowers, and the cutest couple you'll ever meet... it was just perfect.

These two fell in love in Mexico and in the past few months have returned to be with her family here in North Carolina. In fact, this beautiful couple is actually related to my husband's family, so I was more than happy to have the privilege of photographing them.

Janiece & Ricardo - you guys are sooo adorable! I'm so glad to have met you both. And Ricardo - no more making fun of my Spanish! :)

Thanks you two!


Gonzalez family pose at Duke Gardens

Janiece smiles under the gazebo

Gonzalez couple hug on metal tulip bridge

Married couple laugh on metal bridge at Sarah P. Duke Gardens

Portrait shots of the Gonzalez couple.

Janiece and Ricardo pose by a tree in Duke Gardens.

Ricardo smiles at camera while leaning against tree.

janiece smiles over her husbands shoulder.

Spring flowers bloom behind the Gonzalez family.

Janiece and Ricarso hug by the pond.


Yellow flowers bloom in Sarah P. Duke Gardens.

This photo is one of my favorites!


Family cuddles on lush green lawn at Duke Gardens.

Janiece and Ricardo talk at hidden cafe table.

Gonzalez family photographed among the trees.


Ricardo admires his beautiful bride.I love a photo of a girl laughing!

Bride laughs as her groom hugs her on the red bridge.

Couple pose on zig zag bridge at Sarah P. Duke.


Husbands kisses beautiful wife on Zig Zag bridge at Duke Gardens.Thanks you two!

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