Falling down stairs.

I was in eleventh grade when it happened. First day of a new school. Walking down the huge central staircase. My foot slipped, my heel broke, and I landed on my butt. In front of ten people. It was a terrible two seconds - my very cute shoes were ruined and I just embarrassed myself on the first day of a new school. Not. Happening!! But then two seconds later, I heard, "Hey don't laugh at her! You okay honey?" I don't remember her name, but I had only met her that morning during one of my classes. What I remember was that she was sweet and had the prettiest smile. And wouldn't you know it, she was tough too, because they stopped laughing. I got up, smiled, and tried not to limp with my broken shoe.

Every now and then, that day comes to mind. I mean, we've all fallen flat on our butts, not just literally, but emotionally, professionally, whatever-ally. And every once in a while, we watch someone else fall on theirs. I guess whenever that happens, I hope I get to be like that girl in high school saying, "You okay honey?" and then helping them out, just like others do for me.

Life is filled with falls, slips and slides. I guess it's how you handles yours and others that determine just how much it hurts.



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