I couldn't do it.

I missed it. That one shot. The only one he had asked me to get the entire night. The angle was off, the position was wrong, the subject in the wrong place. Or maybe, simply, I couldn't do it.

I was a second shooter. There was no pressure, no contract, nothing to be concerned about. Until then. "Go get a silhouetted shot with that sunset in the background." Sure no problem! Except I couldn't do it.

I wonder how many times I'll be unable to do something. How will I handle it? Keep trying until I get it? Forget about it? Cry in the corner because I'm a failure? Hopefully I'll never do that last one. Hopefully. But I think that I will learn. And if the opportunity presents itself, I'll keep trying. If not, move on and try again another day.

How did I cope with missing the shot last week? That was an easy one. This time... I danced.

(Thank you, oh husband of mine, for being such a quick learner with my camera - you're going to make a pretty good second shooter one day!)

A special thanks to the incredible photographers who have been kind enough to give me a chance. Like this guy. (What this shot lacks in technicality, it makes up for in hilariousness). In fact if you have a moment, stop by the McCardell's website and view Jonathan's beautiful pictures from last week's wedding.

Thanks for reading!


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