Every week, on Tuesdays, my twitter feed is arrayed with bloggers everywhere who post about #TuesdayShoesday. It's like THE best day ever! Designer shoes from EVERYWHERE that are just too perfect to exist and yet they do.

A couple weeks back I photographed a wedding and the bride wore the most ADORABLE shoes. Shoes that I would have snatched up in a heartbeat and that I couldn't help but want to just hold and try on. Forever. Like, yeah.

I meant to post them in the sneak peek HERE but alas, i forgot. So this week I'm going to participate in #TuesdayShoesday and send a little shoe love out to the world.

Ready? Bada Boom.


Gorgeous, right?! I know. *sigh*. She was definitely my kind of bride!

For more Shoe Love, stop by bWedExclusive every Tuesday - Alexandra pretty much wins my heart with shoes. Every. Single. Tuesday. She rocks, and feeds a shoe obsession in the best way possible!


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