Decluttering the Clutter


Back in August, Brian and I moved into a nice comfy apartment. It was smaller than our previous home but somehow we managed to keep pretty much everything when we moved. Yeah. Everything. Which translates into a closet that overflows every time you open it. Exactly like it does in the movies. You know - Open door. Junk falls out until you're buried. Scream for help.

Sooo... It was time for a change. To purge and reorganize!! And with the recruitment of my fabulous mother, we completely revamped my office/guest bedroom!

It's still a work in progress but I'm very happy with the progress so far. Here's a quick snapshot of how it looks right now.  


I have a couple more cork and white-erase boards to hang up and a few decorations to add in. And of course, the computer. I purchased a few mounted samples to put up on the walls as well. It should be totally finished by Monday-ish and I'm so happy. It's going to really make editing a lot easier, a lot more organized, and a lot more functional.

Big thanks to my mother for all her help - she pretty much did the work, I just came in and and, um... well.. I didn't really do much of anything! She's the mastermind, and I know when it's all finished, it will look amazing all thanks to her.

I'll post more pictures of the newly renovated closet and the completed office early next week when we finish!


Thanks for reading!