FAQ Friday: Macro Mode and Daylight

I love Facebook. Not so much for personal use anymore, but it is truly a great way to connect with you (i.e. the WORLD). It's a good way for me to update you on the latest going-ons, to answer questions, and to give you a glimpse into the quirkiness (is that a word?) that is me and Faces in Focus.

This week on the Faces In Focus Photography Page, I asked you guys if you had any questions about photography that you'd like me to answer. These are simply my opinions, thoughts, and personal knowledge on the topic, of course, but if they help anyone at all, then great!


Ay Vee asked, "What are your favorite tips for shooting in macro mode?"

Personally, I tend to keep my camera in Manual mode all the time. It lets me control all of my settings and with a macro lens, I can get the effect I so desire. But if you're using a DSLR, OR a point-and-shoot camera, Macro mode is great for getting those gorgeous shots, right up close. To get the best photographs in that mode, the three things I would try to remember most is:

1. Composition - In such an up close, detailed mode, it's important to know where the focus point is and to learn some basic rules to guide you, such as the rule of thirds. A picture of a flower is beautiful. A picture of a flower from a different angle or with only certain sections of the subject in the frame is unique and different and even more intriguing!

2. Good Light - In macro mode, it's preferable not to use flash, in my opinion and instead try to use natural light to illuminate the subject.

3. Aperture - If you have the ability to change your aperture, this is a great way to make your pictures pop. The lower the number (f-stop) the blurrier the background, which makes your images and subject sharper and bolder.

You would be surprised to know how much control you can have even with a point and shoot. Playing with your settings, such as aperture, can make a big difference!


Trisha asked, "For outside shoots, what's the best time of day?"

Early in the day, after the sun rises and late in the evening, just before sunset, are my two FAVORITE times for photographs. The light is soft and glowy, ideal lighting. It's the most romantic time of day and I certainly try to schedule sessions later in the day whenever I can!  That's how you get pictures like these...


Hope this helps, and if not, let me know! If you have any more questions, certainly feel free to ask in the comments section below or on Facebook. I'll definitly attempt to answer them on another FAQ Friday post!