The Finishing Touches

Last week I gave you a little glimpse into my reorganized office. Today it's all done, and has all it's finishing touches - and I couldn't be happier!


The white TV stand was originally blue, so we painted it white to stand out against the brown wall. Then my mother found orange coasters for $1 that we cut up and hot glued to the door. Talk about getting creative!


The orange frames were originally white, but we spraypainted them orange. And the green mirror we just stumbled upon at Target for only $5! It was a perfect match.




My mother made these awesome pillows! 



This is the closet i mentioned in my post last week. Originally filled with storage containers, it is now neat and organized. All the photography stuff fits neatly in the cubbies and shelves on the left and on the right is storage and all winter clothes hung up neatly, along with my wedding dress and other nonessentials. It's easily accessible but perfectly neat!




Ah, the best and final part. The desk. The cork boards were all spraypainted various colors to pop some color off the respective walls. The green chair, after searching high and low, we found at Target. And everything else was just brought together here and there to make an awesomely functional section of my home!



I absolutely adore the whole room. It's spacious and accessible, neat and organized. I love it and, thanks to my mother, hope to be a bit more organized now!!