Lebanon, VA Engagement Photographer | Cherise & Stu

He knew it long before she did. That they were going to be together. Cherise had just moved from North Carolina to the mountains of Virginia, smack into his life. She was beautiful, smart, and funny. Stu just knew.

But Cherise hadn't moved to Virginia for a relationship. He's not my really my type. Right? Even as she asked all her friends, she already knew that deep down, he had already stolen a piece of her heart. They were friends, good friends, and even when she said No to him. Even when he handed her a stuffed teddy bear named Scooby, smiled, and agreed to just be friends. She was smitten, and it was love from then on.


Thank you Cherise & Stu, for inviting me to Virginia. Inviting me to share in your life and love. I'm so honored to be your friend, and Brian and I cannot wait until your September wedding!



We started in the Jefferson Park where Stu proposed to Cherise.

Future bride and groom to be pose by waterfall.

Pink Diamond ring showcased while couple kiss.

Cherise leaps on Stu's back for a shot

I have a whole set of silly images like this one! These two had me laughing the entire session!!

She bites his ear for fun.

This waterfall was simply breathtaking. Totally worth it even though we had to slide to our death rock climb down an embankment!


Okay, I know, technically it's out of focus... but I. LOVE. IT. Like hard.


After we left the Jefferson National Park, we headed to where they were going to have their reception. And it was Stun.Ning. 



Oh the light!!! Gorge!


Cherise, goodness gracious you're gorgeous.




When I took this shot, I'm pretty sure I jumped up in the air. And clicked my heels.


And if a breathtaking mountain wasn't enough... throw in a TRAMPOLINE!



I'll end with my favorite, favorite, favorite shot. Because this shot is like Whoa. A lot like their love.


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