Turning into a mountain woman...

I climbed a fire tower. No walls. No steps to even get to the first level, no nothing. And we're in the middle of the mountains so to top it all off, no hospitals within 30 miles (that I was aware of.) I. Was. Scared. to say the least. Did I mention I was wearing flip flops? I didn't even have substantial climbing footwear! I climbed the first foot and a half (yes, I mean that literally) and instantly thought, "Crap. I'm going to die. A flip flop is going to slide off and and I'm going to tumble a foot and a half to my death!" I feared for my life.

But my husband stood below me, and encouraged me to climb. Told me that it would be worth it. (This being the man who gets scared when I get too close to the edge of Hanging Rock...I know, the irony...) One of my best friends stood above me, reiterating Brian's words, reminding me that it would be worth it to just climb and do it. Reminding me that it would be a long long time, if ever that I would have this opportunity again.

So I closed my eyes. Then I opened them when I realized closing my eyes wouldn't actually be helping me here. I twisted, lifted, and clung for dear life. And then I was up. On the fire tower. Climbed the several feet of stairs to the top of the fire tower. And it was like they said. With this view, it was so worth it.

Fire tower view over Clinchco Virginia.

I didn't intend for there to be a moral to this story. I just thought it was funny. But I do think there's a nice lesson in here. Take a risk. It'll be worth it.

Above the tree line from a fire tower

Cherise poses at the base of the fire tower.

See where my friend is above and Brian is below? They're only about two foot from the ground. I'm officially a scaredy cat because THIS is where i freaked. But then I climbed all the way to the top. So I guess it's not sooo bad.

Brian climbs down from the fire tower.

Lebanon, VA fire tower overlooking Clinchco, Virginia.

Pretty happy with these shots, considering I took most of them FROM a car. Goodness my windows are SPOTLESS!

Solitary tree on a lonely mountain

Beautiful pastures around Virginia.

Burlington, NC Engagement Photographer

Lake glistens in Lebanon, Virginia

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