{Featured} | Triad Weddings Magazine

A few days ago, my Facebook chat popped up with a quick message. Did you see it? See what? Your photo made it into Triad Weddings Magazine!


Liz Grogan, a Greensboro wedding photographer, and I decided a couple months back to get together and take some photos. I still had (and fit into) my wedding gown and wanted an opportunity to wear it again and have a little fun with it! The photos turned out great and I couldn't have felt more like America's Next Top Model that day (even though the rain pretty much followed us everywhere and cut our photographing time in half!)

Well, I'm very happy to say that several of Liz's photos made it into Triad Weddings magazine. Mine in particular was for an ad for Songbirds Consignments. Check it out!

Needless to say, I am very excited! I've never been in a magazine before so this is uber cool (yes, I just said uber...)You can see a couple more on Liz's Facebook page (the ones with the hot pink shoes!!)

If you're getting married this year, this is an AWESOME magazine. It is chock full of ideas, and vendors, and photos. It even has a planning guide in the back! And I was happy to see all my favorite photographer friends gracing the many pages - McCardell Photography, Becki Dickinson Photography, Vesic Photography, & Anna Paschal Photography. You guys are awesome!

If you're in Burlington, pick up your own copy of the magazine at Bridal Mart or at Buy Me Cake!

Thanks for reading!