Disappearing Acts

I know, I know. I totally went M.I.A. this past weekend. No tweets, no updates, no blog posts, since Thursday. Just disappeared off the planet. But I’m back! After an incredible weekend with my family at a convention, I have returned back to the normal routine of filling you in the oh-so-not-really-important aspects of my life.

Beginning with a shout out. To my awesome friend Kris. I’ve mentioned her before (HERE) but I had to say something again. Last week, I was ready for a change. I wanted a new hairstyle. Had to have it. And it had to be ca-razy. Different. New. I wanted people to go, “Whoa, Ariana, you look sooo different!” So I went to the always fabulous Kristina.  And I said…brace yourselves…:

“Do whatever you want. I trust you.”

You might think I’m crazy, I know, but seriously that’s all I did. Free reign on cut and color. When she said, “I want to add black,” I said great! When she said, “I want to add a LOT of blonde, is that cool?” I said of course. And when she swirled me around to see the final look, I said, “Oh my goodness gracious great balls of fire it is so awesome I love it Kristina you’re the best!!!” Yup, just like that. No periods. Just one long run on sentence. And some jumping up and down. I couldn’t be happier. Nor could I have a more reliable, amazing hair stylist who can just envision a look that will seriously make me feel amazing. 




Yes, even photographers, with all their fancy equipment, still take camera phone photos of themselves. Don’t hate.

Kristina currently works out of Durham, NC and, I’m still currently working on getting Kristina on Facebook. But as of right now, she isn’t. So if you are looking for someone who is just AWESOME, and you’re located in or around Durham, leave a comment below, w/ your email, and I’ll make sure you can get in touch with her. Because, like I said, she’s AWESOME!