Girls in White Dresses: Pinterest!

I love Pinterest. Like hard.

I didn't get it at first. It's just random stuff on the internet that a bunch of girls get gaga about and post on here. Why is everyone on Twitter talking about this weird website? Then I fiddled. And I pinned. And I liked. And then... I got it. It's a massively simple collection of everything you can imagine found by anyone you could imagine. I found inspiration for my new office from this website, cute outfits I want to buy when I goto the beach, and awesome quotes I keep repeating to other folks. At night, I curl up in the bed and flip through awesome stuff, all while tapping Brian on the shoulder going, "Look at this one baby, and this one." it drives him crazy but it's official...

I'm obsessed. How can I not be. It's addictive. It's fun. It's awesome.

Hop on over there and request an account today. It will change. Your. Life. Okay well, i don't know about that, but I know you'll love it!