New Gardens Clubhouse Graduation Party | Sasha

Sasha. That's a happy girl. Now that she's graduated, and made major changes in her life, she's totally ready to take on the world. Her mother couldn't be any prouder of her beautiful girl. And it shows. It was a blast photographing this celebration. These folks are dancing machines!


So...this is Sasha. And yes, she's absolutely gorgeous!


The candy obsessed part of me wants to know why she never thought of Sour Punch in a cup. I mean whoa. Best. Idea. Ever.



Some folks just don't know how to smile... :)



No matter how cool your parents are... it's always awkward when they sing to you... no, no, wait that's just me and MY dad. :) Actually mama here had a pretty great voice!


But yeah like i said... still awkward. See?!








It's official - sunglasses are the best favor of all. Because don't all these folks look good with their sunglasses on inside? At night? Yes, yes they do.