Myrtle Beach Portrait Photographer | Sarah


She's gorgeous - inside and out. She really is. I tell her all the time. Not because she's my sister-in-law, not because I love her to death, and not because both of our dogs came from the same litter. It's simply because she is.


I was thrilled when Sarah asked me to do new headshots for her website. Especially in that gorgeous morning glow. On the beach. I mean, goodness, it's the trifecta for an awesome session! And since we so happened to be in Myrtle Beach last week - well it was a no-brainer!


And Sarah - save some gorgeousness for the hubby okay? Geez!!!







Burlington, NC Wedding Photographer


Sarah looks great in the morning sun at Myrtle Beach


The stunning beach and golden sun


Sarah smiles in the golden sand


Sarah of Sarah Michelle photography


Beautiful brunette at Myrtle Beach


South Carolina photographer, Myrtle Beach


Myrtle Beach South Carolina photographer


Beautiful Sarah of Sarah Michelle Photography