Guest Post | An Experiment in Tilt-Shift and Time-Lapse

It's all Ariana's fault.

When Faces in Focus Photography first started, I knew it would be something special because of the knack and natural skill my wonderful wife had behind the lens. Session after session, wedding after wedding, I had the best time seeing her grow in her photography and the business growing as a result. But, seeing how fun it is to take that perfect shot, how rewarding it is to capture a beautiful moment between a couple, and how much there is to learn about photography, I caught the bug too!

So, fast forward to now and I'm big into photography with a special FOCUS (get it?) on videography. Hopefully you've enjoyed our recent Kessler Wedding Highlights, that's our first HD foray into this amazingly rewarding section of this art. Always looking to grow and gain experience, I tried my hand recently at faux tilt-shift and time-lapse captures during our recent vacation.

The song featured in the vid is "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" by Neutral Milk Hotel, it's all about appreciating how amazing even the most mundane moments are and "how strange it is that we are anything at all". Enjoy and, whether you like it or hate it, blame Ariana. :-D