Dreams and Randomness

I spent the last weekend in Lebanon, Virginia, photographing the wedding of these two lovebirds. And every time I blinked, I saw another reason to never, ever, ever, go home - the rolling hills, the fog glistened mornings, the fields of horses and wildflowers. It was like a dream. And I wish I could stay. In fact I told Brian (for the umpteenth time) that we were moving here someday. I even pick out the perfect hill AND the perfect horse.

Speaking of dreams, I had one that had to have lasted all night long. It was like a freaking eight hour blockbuster! There were car crashes and conspiracies, and a massive amount of drama. I don't know where it came from, but it made for a pretty interesting, albeit restless night. Random, I know.

In other randomness... This week is a pretty exciting week! Yesterday marked the beginning of "7 Days 7 Photographers"! Seven photographers from around the world, all members of #TWIPS, will be sharing a day in their life. These photographers are from all over the world, documenting each a different day in their very different lives. To keep up with the awesomeness, follow The hashtag #7Days7Photographers. You can see the first post HERE and the second HERE. Tune back in on Wednesday to see mine!

And here's the lineup for the whole week:

Sunday – Casie from Casie Photographics

Monday –  Ashley from Scobey Photography

Tuesday –  Orly from The Boutique Photographer

Wednesday – Ariana from Faces in Focus Photography

Thursday – Melissa from Melissa Dunstan Photography

Friday – Shannon from Shannon Kelley Photography

Saturday – Steph from Bubble Rock Studios

Also, in other news, today is my two year anniversary with my husband (as noted in THIS MORNING's POST). So like I said... It's a pretty exciting week.

I'm off to celebrate two good years, and cuddle with my hubby to watch some random show on Netflix. After all, isn't that what love is about? Dreams. And randomness.