In Two Years

In two years, together we've:

Watched 12 full series on Netflix.
Attended six weddings.
Visited one country and three states.
"Survived" an earthquake and a hurricane.
Endured 730 days of me not being a morning person.
Listened to 1213* of my dads corny jokes and 153 of my little brothers.
Had 579 disagreements.
Had 579 makeups.
Said I love you at least 2920 times. That's at least four times a day. Every. Single. Day.

Two years of more ups and downs than I could imagine. And as long as there is an up to every down and a smile for every tear, well, then, there isn't more I could ask for, is there?

Thank you for two good years. I can't wait for forever. With you. Happy Anniversary!

Love always,



Many thanks to Sarah Michelle Photography for our amazing Anniversary Session at Myrtle Beach. Click HERE to see the rest!

*Some statistics have been fabricated solely for comedic effect. :)