7 Days & 7 Photographers | A Day on the Road


So how has YOUR week been? Mine has been fabulous. And why? Because it's "7 Days. 7 Photographers." week!

In case you haven't heard about it, this special week all began with a collaboration of Casie Shimanski (an Orlando wedding and lifestyle photographer) and I. Inspired by THIS blog post, we talked about getting a nice little group together to do our own versions of this "Day in the Life of" idea. And we did! Together along with 5 other fabulous #TWIPS across the world, we bring you "7 Days and 7 Photographers". 

And here we are, smack in the middle of the week with DAY FOUR!

I decided to do mine on a day that I was literally traveling back from my vacation at Myrtle Beach. On this day, I managed to squeeze in shopping, a session, a four hour drive, AND sleep. So here goes!

I woke up at 6:30 AM to get dressed and head down to the beach to do a session at sunrise, then headed back to get ready and pack everything up to leave.    

It was my last day on the beach and so I HAD to take some time to take it all in for a couple minutes before checking my email and watching a few minutes of Megamind (cute movie by the way!)


Then shower and packing... 


Down in the elevator to check out and leave!   

With GPS ready (and husband at the wheel) we headed off for some shopping. Duh.    

Quick stop at McDonalds of course...  

The Myrtle Beach Tanger Outlets weren't that exciting... until I found a bookstore selling Hardcover books for $2.50 each!! One hour and 10 books later...  



We decided to stop at Broadway on the Beach to eat lunch with some friends. 

Then it was time to head on home! We stopped for gas about an hour or so in - RIGHT on the state line! Talk about good timing! 

Quick stop to pick up the kid (as in my Diva Dog Shelby). 

And then home and STRAIGHT into the bed. I was so tired, I forgot to take off my glasses before snapping this photo of me!    

And THAT was my day. I know, SO EXCITING! No? Oh well it was for me. :) For all you photographers, hobbyist or professional, this was a super fun project and I think all of you should take some time to try it out! It's harder than it looks, but it's definitely a lot of fun.  

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