Love Like the Movies

I was trying to find myself. Who I was, and what this business was. So I made this list. This crazy, random list about the things I like and love. NO one would have understood this sheet of paper! It varied from Sour Patch Kids, to the Notebook, to the color green. And then, you know one of those moments in a mystery movie where the main character looks at a sheet of paper and the words just pop out at them and they put together some clue? I had one of THOSE moments. Words started standing out with this little theme flowing through them.






And suddenly I understood. I had flashbacks to my relationship with my husband and remembered all the CD's he made me filled with romantic love songs. I remembered all the movies we would watch together, and how we could talk to each other in love quotes. It was one of the biggest reasons we fell in love. Then I thought about high school, and how I used to obsess over quotes and songs and romance. I was drawn to love and hopeless romance. And I had revelation. It was like whoa... I called Brian and I told him, "I know what our brand is. I know what we've been slowly, unconsciously striving toward. Love. And not just any love. The unexpected kind. Like the movies."

And it began. Our first level of rebranding. So we have updated our blog and created a whole new portfolio. Because we want you to feel like your love is just like it is in the movies. Unforgettable, passionate, and romantic. This year I've formally taken on Brian as part of the team in every way. We've incorporated video services in every engagement session and every wedding. Your love IS like a movie. You should feel that way.

Keep an eye out on our new "trailers" - behind the scene videos of our engagement sessions. Then, as wedding season begins, watch the Highlights videos of our weddings. We hope we can help all of our brides and grooms to enjoy the most exciting time of their lives, and remember how incredible, and how amazing it was to marry the person they loved.

We invite you to visit our new Portfolio Website and peruse the pages. We're SO excited to premier this site! For all of you who just got engaged over the holiday season - we hope we get to meet you and celebrate your love with you.

Burlington Wedding and Engagement Photographer

Thank you, Internet, for your continued support. And HELLO 2012!!

With Love,

Ariana & Brian


P.S. Brides & Grooms - I got something special for you too! More on that to come very soon....