Unsettling Coincidences

I had this unsettling thought the other day. Inquiries. They’re a little slow. And this is booking season. What happens if no one else books me this year?! Am I a terrible photographer? Oh my god what if my SEO isn't good enough?! What if people don't like my HAIR?! But I can’t say anything b/c Brian always picks on me and tells me I worry too much. So I’ll keep my mouth shut. Okay? Ok.

Ignoring the fact that I had a conversation in my head AND a mild nervous breakdown, it was another week before the inevitable happened. After bombarding myself with thoughts & worries, I stopped taking my own advice, and worried. OUT LOUD. He was talking about our new portfolio and how great it looks and how he believes in me. He was so confident about this year being awesome that it just slipped out. But we’re not getting inquiries right now. It’s been a few weeks. I’m getting nervous. I regretted saying it, mostly because saying something out loud suddenly makes it very real. But Brian just laughed.

I love it when you get so nervous. Everytime you do we get inquiries.

Okay, he’s crazy, obvs, and I didn’t exactly appreciate him picking on me, but whatever. Except that the very next day… I got two inquiries. My first reaction? WHAT?!!!! My second? Brian is totally setting me up. But after I crossed that suspicion off my list and talked and emailed two fabulous brides, I realized Brian was kind of right. The moment I start to get scared, to question everything, and start reconsidering this business and my life, I’m reminded that it isn’t, nor was it ever, an overnight process. And that, with a little patience, they'll come.

I have considered running around the house chanting, "No inquiries, no inquiries" but something tells me that coincidences don't come around quite that often. So for now I'll just keep working on things and telling myself that this year really is going to be a great year.

And to prove it, here is a sneak peek of our very first engagement session of the year:

Chapel Hill, North Carolina Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Check back into the blog tomorrow to find out where my nose has been lately and on Wednesday for the rest of Crystal & Zaac's Chapel Hill engagement session!

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