Snow, Glorious Snow...

Every year it snows at least once. In 2010, it was a brief snow, and I only got one photo, but I was happy nevertheless. In 2011, it was a great snow, and I marched around my home with my husband and Shelby and inhaled the perfect wonder. In 2012, though, my annual blog post about my obsession with snow came a little late.

In fact I thought that I would go this entire winter without enjoying the oh-so-perfect form of water, which silently blankets the earth to transform it into a world unseen and untouched, quiet and solemn. For it is not JUST snow, it is a transformation. A revision. A mere footnote to the original landscape. It is... perfect.

Oh yeah, I get poetic when it snows.

And alas, this forlorn winter threatened to pass without even a hint of white wonder, but it did not and today, well today. I am happy. I am warm. And it has snowed. So here is 2012's blog post. A happy ode to my favorite, oh my FAVorite thing in the world.

For snow, alone, yes, Snow. She is the one thing I love more than all other things. Yes, even candy.

Like I said, I get poetic. For the record, the above few sentences are so much more awesome when said aloud with a nice English accent. Just saying. Pretty sure that's how I said it in my head as I typed...

Anywho, thank you 2012, for not letting me down.

I didn't get to take a photo of it before it all melted, but thankfully this photo from Pinterest perfectly depicts what I saw Sunday night. My mind may tend to exaggerate...

Source: via Siléo on Pinterest



Thanks for reading! :)