Leaving On A Jet Plane

Yes, we are leaving on a plane - today actually! Packing up the suitcases and heading off to Atlanta. We have been looking forward to this trip for almost two months now and we are über, yes, über excited. We plan on taking a ton of photos, looking supremely awesome in our new Atlanta outfits, and meeting a ton of amazing photographers around the Atlanta area. Wow, I said Atlanta a lot. Any one still wondering where I'm going?

Did I mention we get to spend some time with Jasmine Star? Yes, we are attending The Fix with Jasmine Star and some great photographers we've already had the privilege of connecting with on Facebook! With all that going down, I just don't know how to describe how supremely thrilled I am right now! Tune in later this week for photos from our Atlanta Trip, The Fix, and also the Pre-Fix dinner that a bunch of us are attending too! To quote Barney Stinson, it's going to be legend...

wait for it...

DARY! LEGENDARY. Like fa reals!

Anyway time to do some last minute packing, and pick out which books I will be too excited to read on the plane! Thanks for reading!