Engagement Trailer | Duke Gardens | Jessika & Kevin

Ah, what can I say about the Spring that hasn’t already been said? 

Life, beauty, love.

And the way it assaults all your senses - the vibrant hues of blooming flowers, the sneaking warmth back into the days, birds and bugs declaring their approval of the change in weather, fragrant plant life accentuating the air, and that unmistakable taste of the rain ahead of a spring shower.  This is a time of year to be enjoyed deeply and our recent session at Duke Gardens afforded such an opportunity.  Jessika and Kevin are such a cute couple and we can’t wait to share in their wedding day.  In the meantime, please enjoy this new trailer as we enlist a bit of the language of romance to convey this couple’s affections for each other.

The song is “La Vie en Rose” covered by Duo Gadjo and their Hot Friends originally made famous by Edith Piaf back in 1947.  The title literally means “Life in Rosy Hues” and we hope you enjoy both the literal and figurative interpretations of that in the trailer.





To see photos from Jessika & Kevin's Durham, North Carolina Engagement session, CLICK HERE!