Wisteria Lane

I have done a ton of sessions at Duke Gardens, but at the most odd times. I have never been right now, at the beginning of April, just as spring has peeked out around the corner. So imagine my surprise when I got to Duke Gardens for Jessika & Kevin's engagment session - and it was absolutely GORGEOUS! It was arrayed with my favorite flower - wisteria! And the main garden featured every type of tulip you could imagine. The azalea's were in full bloom too and the garden was totally transformed. As an added bonus, our bride Jessika loves wisteria too, and even spent some time on "Wisteria Lane" in Japan, though I'm pretty sure that the Japanese name sounded way cooler!

I do not posess a green thumb, nor do I have the ability to keep many things alive, so I am overly appreciative when someone else does it and maintains it perfectly. 


Here is a sneak peek of last weekends engagement sessions. Tune back in later this week for the rest, as well as an all new Engagement Trailer from Brian! 

Photo from Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Durham.

Happy Wednesday!