FAQ: What is an Engagement Trailer?

For this week's FAQ post, I'm tackling a topic near and dear to my heart, our Engagement Trailers!  Perhaps you've seen these short videos that accompany our engagement shoots and wonder what they're all about?  Wonder no more!

1 - What is a Faces in Focus Engagement Trailer?

A Faces in Focus Engagement Trailer is a short video that comes with every single engagement session we shoot.  Set to music that fits our couple and around 2-5 minutes long, it's a short preview of the love and excitement surrounding the big day "coming soon".

2 - Why call it a trailer?

Ever gone to see a movie at the theatre and sat through a trailer or two (or 10 it seems like nowadays)?  Same idea with our trailers, a short video to get you excited for the big event!

3 - How can I get one?

Our Engagement Trailers are complimentary with each and every engagement session you book with Faces in Focus.

4 - Who can I share it with?

Everyone!  We use the video-sharing service Vimeo for our videos, so you can easily share, post, tweet, link, email, text... you get the idea.  Part of the fun of getting engaged is sharing your love for each other with all your friends and family and our photos and Engagement Trailer let you do just that.

5 - You got any examples?

Sure we do, check some out!




6 - How do I schedule one?

Click HERE to fill out our form and schedule your own engagement session and trailer! We can't wait to hear from you!