Tuesday Randomness: Broken Brains and Ikea

Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it. - Braveheart

I shouldn't tell you this, but apparently when I get busy, my brain stops processing normal functions. Like the other day, I was looking at a PDF sent to me with all the pages rotated sideways. I spent five minutes looking at it with my head sideways, before I realized I could ROTATE the page. Also there were several days last week when I literally FORGOT TO EAT. Brian had to like shake me and remind me to eat. I guess it's a side effect of wedding season. Fortunately, I've still got walking, breathing, and eating candy down, so at least those things are continuing as they normally would.

I did however have a couple of breaks in the past few weeks, including a trip to Ikea in Charlotte. That was quite the adventure, I tell you. You see Brian and I are planning to move to a new 3 Bedroom Apartment in the next few months, which means I get to design a brand spanking new office. We also realize that, as our 3 year anniversary approaches, it's probably time for new living room furniture, so we're hitting up the furniture stores for a new set. So our trip to Ikea was our chance to maximize the space in our apartment and look for new creative pieces to enhance our new office. I knew that I wanted a relaxed area I could work with, with lots of organized storage and places to store my sample albums and display my canvases. And, thanks to Pinterest and Ikea, i found the perfect colors and accessories. Here are a few pics from my office inspiration board on Pinterest.




Source: etsy.com via Ariana on Pinterest






I can't wait to get started on it, and get a nice new workspace to focus in!

In other news - if you follow me on Instagram (@arianawatts), you would have seen that my Martha Stewart side came out a little bit. I made a watermelon baby carriage for a baby shower, and it was adorable!!


Told ya! Adorable! :D So adorable, nobody wanted to eat it! It was pretty fun and easy to make too.  I actually surpised myself a little bit!

Well that's the latest for me. We have an exciting weekend coming up with Caitlyn & Daniel's wedding, and are getting geared up and ready for what is bound to be an amazing wedding! Hope you all are enjoying your week. Have a happy Tuesday!