The Hayloft | 07/28/12

We are so excited for Caitlyn and Daniel who got married this past Saturday at The Hayloft. It was an epic party - I laughed, I cried.... I boogied. It. Was. Awesome. Here's a glimpse of the gloriousness to follow in the coming weeks! 

And brace yourself, because this next shot of Caitlyn & Daniel, literally made my jaw drop - they are so stunning!

Many thanks and admiration to Morse Entertainment, JuliePatoolies, Pepper Moon Catering, Makeup by Lindsay, and Crystal at The Hayloft - you guys put together an amazing event! So glad to have worked with you all! :D


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A Low Country Wedding | Featured | Guest Blog

I'm honored to be featured as a guest blogger on Erin's blog, A Low Country Wedding. She's going out of town and I had the opportunity to help her out. If you have a moment, go stop by and leave some love! The article is entitled Three Tips to a Fabulous Engagement Session and helps to answer some quintessential questions, like whether or not you should bring your fiance to your engagement session. You know, that kind of important stuff.... Okay, no, not really - go see for yourself!


{Featured} | Triad Weddings Magazine

A few days ago, my Facebook chat popped up with a quick message. Did you see it? See what? Your photo made it into Triad Weddings Magazine!


Liz Grogan, a Greensboro wedding photographer, and I decided a couple months back to get together and take some photos. I still had (and fit into) my wedding gown and wanted an opportunity to wear it again and have a little fun with it! The photos turned out great and I couldn't have felt more like America's Next Top Model that day (even though the rain pretty much followed us everywhere and cut our photographing time in half!)

Well, I'm very happy to say that several of Liz's photos made it into Triad Weddings magazine. Mine in particular was for an ad for Songbirds Consignments. Check it out!

Needless to say, I am very excited! I've never been in a magazine before so this is uber cool (yes, I just said uber...)You can see a couple more on Liz's Facebook page (the ones with the hot pink shoes!!)

If you're getting married this year, this is an AWESOME magazine. It is chock full of ideas, and vendors, and photos. It even has a planning guide in the back! And I was happy to see all my favorite photographer friends gracing the many pages - McCardell Photography, Becki Dickinson Photography, Vesic Photography, & Anna Paschal Photography. You guys are awesome!

If you're in Burlington, pick up your own copy of the magazine at Bridal Mart or at Buy Me Cake!

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Disappearing Acts

I know, I know. I totally went M.I.A. this past weekend. No tweets, no updates, no blog posts, since Thursday. Just disappeared off the planet. But I’m back! After an incredible weekend with my family at a convention, I have returned back to the normal routine of filling you in the oh-so-not-really-important aspects of my life.

Beginning with a shout out. To my awesome friend Kris. I’ve mentioned her before (HERE) but I had to say something again. Last week, I was ready for a change. I wanted a new hairstyle. Had to have it. And it had to be ca-razy. Different. New. I wanted people to go, “Whoa, Ariana, you look sooo different!” So I went to the always fabulous Kristina.  And I said…brace yourselves…:

“Do whatever you want. I trust you.”

You might think I’m crazy, I know, but seriously that’s all I did. Free reign on cut and color. When she said, “I want to add black,” I said great! When she said, “I want to add a LOT of blonde, is that cool?” I said of course. And when she swirled me around to see the final look, I said, “Oh my goodness gracious great balls of fire it is so awesome I love it Kristina you’re the best!!!” Yup, just like that. No periods. Just one long run on sentence. And some jumping up and down. I couldn’t be happier. Nor could I have a more reliable, amazing hair stylist who can just envision a look that will seriously make me feel amazing. 




Yes, even photographers, with all their fancy equipment, still take camera phone photos of themselves. Don’t hate.

Kristina currently works out of Durham, NC and, I’m still currently working on getting Kristina on Facebook. But as of right now, she isn’t. So if you are looking for someone who is just AWESOME, and you’re located in or around Durham, leave a comment below, w/ your email, and I’ll make sure you can get in touch with her. Because, like I said, she’s AWESOME!


Girls in White Dresses: Video Games & Purses

I am a girly girl. I love all things cutesy and girly, from Americas Next Top Model to purses to five inch stilettos. But put me in a room with an xBox or a Nintendo DS and suddenly I'm 13 again, trading Pokemon with my little brother in the backseat during a road trip. On any given day I'm guaranteed to have my iPad and DS on me at all times. Some may say I'm a dork, but honestly I'm just cool like that. Best believe it. Yo.

So this weeks favorites go to:

  1. Awesome Proposals:  I saw this video on Lauren Grove's Every Last Detail blog. Apparently it's been floating around twitter and I totally teared up watching it! Clearly I had no choice but to share it with you. Clearly.
  2. Harvest Moon: I LOVE this game, every single version. For you Farmville enthusiasts, this game is a million times better. We're talking farms, animals, love interests, marriage, children - so much better than Farmville. I will never be too old for this game! (Okay, okay stop laughing folks. :-P)
  3. Thirty-One Purses: I love to organize. I mean I really love to organize . These purses just make it soooooo easy! They can be personalized, they're cute, and they can match your other stuff perfectly! If you're ever looking for a local representative, I know a couple fantatic consultants, so feel free to ask!
  4. Nintendo: Theyre coming out with a new Wii (the Wiiii -confusing I know!) and I can't wait to see what it does at E3!
  5. B-Wed Exclusive: Alexandra Beauregard has the cutest blog filled with gorgeous photos, dresses, and my favorite, Tuesday Shoesday! She always shares the cutest trends in all things wedding and I'm always excited to read her new posts. Definitely stop by and check out the gorgeous features she shares!

And that's all! A little girly, a little dorky, but all me! :)


Tiny fish... big pond.

Being a photographer is a little like the first day of high school. Oh come on, you remember - tons of people around who are older, wiser, and have this whole high school thing down. And you. In the overly matched outfit, hoping you look a whole lot cooler than you feel. 

whew. Flashbacks. *shiver*

But in all seriousness, it truly is. I am by no means anywhere near "popular" status and I'm lost trying to find my way. So how cool is it that I've met some very cool "seniors' in the photography world. And by very cool, I'm talking funny, kind people who really want you to succeed because, in their words, there are plenty of weddings in the Triad to go around. They're cool enough to invite me to Taco Tuesday nights and not be afraid to be seen with me at social events.

As I embark on this very interesting journey, I hope to learn a lot from these fabulous people. They are simply, well, awesome. And cool enough to talk to the uncool freshmen in the room.

Greensboro Photographers - Burlington NC Wedding Photographer Greensboro Photographers - Burlington NC Wedding PhotographerGreensboro Photographers - Burlington NC Wedding Photographer


***Special shout out to Becki Dickinson Photography, McCardell Photography, Wade Alexander Photography, Logan Jarrard Photography, Vesic Photography, J. Harris Photography, Anna Paschal Photography, & Liz Grogan Photography. You guys rock. Hope to hang with you all again soon!***





{Just-for-Fun} Sarah | Burlington, NC Portrait Photographer

Back in December, as Sarah and I were making plans for 2011, we both realized that we would need new profile photos for our respective websites. So on a freezing cold December afternoon we went out together and took a few snapshots of each other.

You can see Sarah's favorites on her website - Here are some of mine:

Sarah in field - Burlington NC Portrait Photographer

Isn't she gorgeous?!

Sarah with an umbrella - Burlington NC Wedding Photographer

I really like this photograph too. Something...innocent about it.

Sarah gazing into sky - Burlington NC Portrait Photographer

Sarah glancing over her shoulder - Burlington NC Wedding Photographer

And of course, we had to include the camera...She's a Canon girl but I love her still!

Sarah Michelle Photography - Burlington NC Portrait Photographer

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Wishing and Hoping.

I'm a hardcore planner. I'm talking sticky notes, multi-colored pens, highlighters - the works. So when I've got things planned, that means I Got. Things. Planned. F'real.

Needless to say, I'm excited for this year. It's a new beginning and I'm taking full advantage! Let's take a peek at my calendar, shall we?

Hmmm... I really want to focus on weddings this years and part of that means getting in touch with wedding vendors I know, love, and trust. I'm very much looking forward to an exciting project in April with Classic Hair Beauty Cafe. It's going to be super fun and I can't wait!

I've also gotten to know an amazing stationery designer too. Her name is Adger and she's the mastermind behind Sealed With Appeal. I know she's got a myriad of plans going on in her pretty head! I'm looking forward to working with her on a project or two. 

(Be sure to check out her website! She's pretty fantastic!)

Raleigh Stationery Artist - Sealed With Appeal

Then there's my husband who has been delving into video and slideshows. Fully integrating video is a looooooong way off. But the slideshow digital aspect? Not so much. I'm happy to be involving him quite a bit more as I grow as a photographer.

Last but not least, I have huge ideas for branding - magazines, albums, even an adorable Welcome Kit... but that's a long way off too. 

Ah yes - red, blue, purple, green - all the color coded plans in my 2011 calendar! And 2012? Let's just say I'm going to be needing a few more colors!

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The struggle to blog and a new bi-monthly feature

I think the title of this blog post just gave away the punch line. I mean, could I be any more obvious? Where is my creativity?!

Gone. Apparently. At least for today! :)

Blogging is hard. I mean I know I talk like a Puerto Rican (too fast and too much!) but sometimes I have the hardest time coming up with something interesting to write about. Sometimes I feel like my everyday life is too boring! What is there to talk about? This morning I woke up. That was awesome. Oooh I bought a new toothbrush. It's pink. 

*yawn* Sorry, but yeah i just put MYSELF to sleep!

THANKFULLY, I stumbled across some really awesome things this weekend, and I figured I could share them with my loyal readers - all one of you! (Thanks Mom!) hehe kidding!


First on the list is Paperie Boutique!  I'm a huge believer in the fact that your last impression is as important as the first. This is an AWESOME site for photographers. They feature tons of examples of really adorable brands and how they package their final products! Not only that but they give you plenty of reliable sources for the items you'll need. You've probably seen my FAQ post here about my final packaging, but this site has me rethinking it and getting really in touch with the "Arts & Crafts Ariana". Check it out yourself, whether you're a photographer or not, you'll definitely get an idea or two!


This blog has been out there for a loooOOoong time, but I didn't really start reading blogs until I started this business, and I certainly didn't start reading wedding blogs like this until about last month. But now that I do, I've quickly determined that this one is my favorite. The styles that they feature, the photographers they publish and the details they show off - gorgeous. It's a constant flow of ideas and inspiration and whether you're planning a wedding, a photographer, or just a girl, period, this is THE website for some of the top wedding trends and best photographers in the business. 

3. "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri

This song has been out for a while but I just heard it on the radio last week and am addicted. Her voice is so raw and beautiful and the lyrics are so hauntingly dead on. I love this and hope to listen to a whole lot more of her music in the near future. Here's the video, in case you haven't seen or heard it.

And that's it. My favorites from this past weekend! I wonder if I could make this a regular feature... i could call it "These are a few of my favorite things" or "Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes." Maybe those are too long? *gasp* - I've got it!

"Girls In White Dresses: My Favorite Things"

You know, because of the part in the song, "Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes..." See? See?! It's perfect! I think I'll make it a weekly or bi-weekly feature. Not sure just yet, (I only JUST came up with it) but I'll have to get cracking on some good movies or books so I can post them here! 

Hope some of you like the links I shared today! Feel free to tell me some of YOUR favorite things!


Branding Baby Steps

After a couple of months of concepts, colors, & revisions, I'm so happy to show off...


Logo - Burlington NC Wedding & Family Photographer

This is what the website has been waiting for, what I've been waiting for! I can't wait to implement it onto EVERYTHING! I really love the way it turned out. It's edgy and modern, while still elegant and simple - my style all the way!

Many thanks to Heather Marvin of HM Designs for her hard work and talent! You've been so helpful and I appreciate you helping me take this branding baby step!

Expect to see major changes this week on the website as I implement this new part of Faces In Focus. It's going to be awe.some. Fa real. :-)

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Introducing... Cheesecake by Eric!

My daddy makes cheesecake. It's his thing. New York Style - you know, creamy, moist, delicious. Yeah that's the kind.

I lived at home while my dad started this whole cheesecake thing...and before long, I kind of, sort of, hated cheesecake. It's hard to appreciate something when you practically live and breathe it! Thankfully, now I'm married and away from it and that giddy excitement I used to get back in the good 'ol days? It's back. With a vengeance.

My dad, or Eric, which is, you know, his name, also makes pretty darn good Sweet Potato pie. And by darn good, I mean that I would probably kill someone for the last slice. And I'm only slightly exaggerating...

So what's a better idea than mixing the awesome fall favorite of sweet potato with the always delicious taste of cheesecake? I know it sounds weird but I would gladly testify to the contrary... It's delicious.

De.Lic.Ious. Yeah, that good.

So I'm sure many of you will be making huge family dinners and having EVERYBODY in town...Why not order a cheesecake? Because it's just one less thing YOU have to cook!

Check out Cheesecake by Eric on Facebook today OR check out his website and see his other flavors! Tell him I sent you. :-) And then spend the next few seconds drooling over the creamy goodness pictured right here... yummmm...

Cheesecake By Eric, Burlington, NC

Cheesecake By Eric, Burlington, NC

Cheesecake By Eric, Burlington, NC  Cheesecake By Eric, Burlington, NC

And here's a little sneak peek of tomorrow's post. A family session in Elon.

Burlington, North Carolina Family Photographer

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Introducing... the Classic Hair Beauty Cafe!

Once a month I drive thirty minutes to see my friend Kristina. And once a month I drive home thirty minutes feeling like a new and improved person. You see, Kristina is my hair stylist. An incredible hair stylist, at that. And more importantly, a really good friend of mine. A couple of weeks ago I had a hair appointment and I left feeling amazing all the way home. I had bounce in my step and this irresistible urge to run my fingers through my hair! I have been dying to get Kris in front of the camera. She’s gorgeous and I would love to do a portrait session with her but alas, we’ve been unable to schedule a time. So instead I’m going to show you a little bit of her work! Obviously she’s worked on me quite a few times, but she’s awesome with all types of hair. Here’s a picture of Sarah on her wedding day. Kris came in to save the day and it worked out perfectly. (Kristina is the pretty girl on the right!)

And here’s me on my wedding day! (Her best work, I might add… though I’m way biased on this! (Kris again on the outside pics!)

At my latest appointment I got to get my hair done at her newly opened salon! She’s teamed up with two other incredible stylists to open Classic Hair Beauty Café! With a classy and modern vibe, they’re reaching out to women of all colors and ages, providing a comfortably chic atmosphere. They’ll also be teaming up with local vendors - cake companies, photographers, caterers – with the effort to provide all of their clients (especially brides) the complete experience and be as helpful to them as possible. The new shop had its grand opening in Durham at the beginning of October. Here is a little bit of a peek into the gorgeous new hair salon!

Hardwood floors & soft pastel colors give an incredible "home-away-from-home" feeling! There is a very romantic and soft atmosphere to the place. Verrrrryyy relaxing!

They offer complimentary food and wine at the salon. Talk about the royal treatment!

Oh yeah, and since two of the three stylists at this new salon were the same two marvelous people who did the hair of all the girls from my wedding, here is another photo of their gorgeous work!

So be sure to check them out on Facebook (Click HERE). And wait until I get Kristina in front of my camera. It might break from all the gorgeousness!

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