I Wish We Met A Long Time Ago....

Penny: I wish we met each other a long time ago. When we were kids.
Dodge: It couldn't have happened any other way. It had to happen now.
Penny: But it isn't enough time--
Dodge: It never would have been.

- Seeking A Friend for the End of the World

It's that time of year where everything starts to quiet down. It's a beautiful time of year, where we end most nights with editing and egg nog. We have so many changes up our sleeve for 2013 and we are excitedly easing into the end of one year and the beginning of another. 

As we hope to be more active here on the blog in the coming weeks, here is a sneak peek of what we have been working on...

A super adorable engagement session at Fearrington Village (like squeal with excitement kind of adorable!)

These two are soooooo sweet! Gah! :D

And a super secret session with the sweetest couple at Starlight Meadows...

Stay tuned to the blog in the next couple of weeks to see more of these two beautiful couples!

Have a happy week!


Coming Soon...

I know we've been  quiet this month, and as we near closer to our move and the winter, we plan to totally remedy that and get back to my usual talkative self.

But, never fear! We have still been keeping busy behind the scenes. Here is what we've been working on...

Tune in next week to see Thiago & Axel's stunning Gibsonville wedding at The Diamond Room.

Gibsonville Wedding Photographer & Cinematographer

We partied down at LeKisha & Erminio's Raleigh wedding at Solas...

Raleigh Wedding Photographer & Cinematographer

And we cannot wait to share the fun engagement session at the NC State Fair featuring Kim & Wally!

Raleigh Engagement Photographer & Cinematographer

We'll be posting these in the next two weeks so keep an eye out and keep visiting us! Have a happy Friday!




FAQ: What is an Engagement Trailer?

For this week's FAQ post, I'm tackling a topic near and dear to my heart, our Engagement Trailers!  Perhaps you've seen these short videos that accompany our engagement shoots and wonder what they're all about?  Wonder no more!

1 - What is a Faces in Focus Engagement Trailer?

A Faces in Focus Engagement Trailer is a short video that comes with every single engagement session we shoot.  Set to music that fits our couple and around 2-5 minutes long, it's a short preview of the love and excitement surrounding the big day "coming soon".

2 - Why call it a trailer?

Ever gone to see a movie at the theatre and sat through a trailer or two (or 10 it seems like nowadays)?  Same idea with our trailers, a short video to get you excited for the big event!

3 - How can I get one?

Our Engagement Trailers are complimentary with each and every engagement session you book with Faces in Focus.

4 - Who can I share it with?

Everyone!  We use the video-sharing service Vimeo for our videos, so you can easily share, post, tweet, link, email, text... you get the idea.  Part of the fun of getting engaged is sharing your love for each other with all your friends and family and our photos and Engagement Trailer let you do just that.

5 - You got any examples?

Sure we do, check some out!




6 - How do I schedule one?

Click HERE to fill out our form and schedule your own engagement session and trailer! We can't wait to hear from you!



Featured | Vie D'Amour

Look, I guarantee there’ll be tough times. I guarantee that at some time, one or both of us is gonna want to get out of this thing. But I also guarantee that if I don’t ask you to be mine, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life, because I know, in my heart, you’re the only one for me.

- Runaway Bride


May has been a whirlwind of activities, keeping us go go go! I've had everal chance to assist and work with some amazing photographers this month, including Karen Goforth of Irresistible Portraits and Jonathan McCardell of McCardell Photography! AND, we're excited to be sharing a super cute and fun senior session this week that we got to do in Mebane. Now with the exciting wedding of Candace & Scott coming up this weekend, I'm looking forward to a VERY exciting June!

To kick off this week, we are excited to see Kelsey & Brad's Elon Engagement on Vie D'Amour. We shot their engagement session last fall, and they just got married this month, so we are incredibly happy for them!

Hope you all have a fabulous week and end of May! :)




The Lucky One

You should be kissed every day, every hour, every minute. 

- The Lucky One

Oh, how true that is! Thank you Nicholas Sparks, for giving me something to tell my husband every, single, day.

I saw The Lucky One over the weekend, and I have mixed feelings about it. I read the book a couple years ago and wasn't that in love with it. The movie wasn't exactly spectacular, but Zac Efron was quite the cutie, and he played the piano, so who cares?! Ha, I kid. It was a nice romantic reminder though, and even though I didn't cry, I did enjoy Zac Efron the movie!

So, public apology time! I promised an FAQ post last week, but I never had a chance to post it! I know, sad face. Fortunately, I will have that up on the schedule this week, for sure! So keep an eye out ya'll! :) In the meantime, I'll be sharing some images from a wedding I second shot for J. Darren Photography, last October at the gorgeous Hotel Concord. Here's a little sneaky peeky...

And in case you missed anything last week...


My Jelly Bean recommendations of 2012

An Engagement session at Coker Arboretum

A Chapel Hill Engagement Trailer


Feel free to visit these previous posts and leave some love!

Have a Happy Monday!



Engagement Trailer | Chapel Hill | LeKisha & Erminio

Did you hear? Faces in Focus Photography is now Silver Feather Studios! 

To see our most recent films, photos, and ramblings about sugar, visit us at www.silverfeatherblog.com!


It's a wonderful thing to have the opportunity to shoot our couples lately.  When you think about it, someone trusting you to to capture the big day is huge deal!  Fortunately, the worry I could have is severely lessened when each and every couple is a blast to walk around town with AND we're able to catch some great images of their love.  Case in point, our recent romp through Chapel Hill with our latest couple, LeKisha and Erminio!

Enjoy the trailer and can't wait until y'all's wedding!




To see the photos from LeKisha and Erminio's Chapel Hill Engagement Session, click HERE!

If you'd like to discuss us making you your very own engagement trailer, click HERE!


Coker Arboretum Engagement | LeKisha & Erminio

Did you hear? Faces in Focus Photography is now Silver Feather Studios! 

To see our most recent films, photos, and ramblings about sugar, visit us at www.silverfeatherblog.com!


I am quite certain that the odds were against us that day. When we got to the Botanical Garden we intended to do our session at, it was locked. So we drove around to another part and found a great little spot, parked, and watched as a MILLION cars drove in, obscuring us from being found.

Fortunately, we did find and meet up with LeKisha & Erminio, and began our session at the perfect locatio - the Coker Arboretum, next to the Morehead Planetarium in Chapel Hill. It was beautiful there and these two only made it better. There sweet conversation, romantic hugs and kisses, and expert small-talk made for a wonderful session!

Thanks you two for giving us the opportunity to photograph you both! September is going to be awesome - we can't wait until your wedding! 


Much love,

Ariana & Brian

I found this one spot that filtered in the PERFECT LIGHT! I didn't want to leave it. Ever.

You two are just so sweet together!

This vine path at the Coker Arboretum just made my heart pitter patter! So lovely!




To see LeKisha & Erminios Chapel Hill Engagement Trailer, click HERE!

If you'd like to discuss booking us for your engagement session or wedding, click HERE!


Somewhere In Time

I can almost see him now before me. What would I say to him, if he were really here? Forgive me, I have never known this feeling. I’ve lived without it all my life. Is it any wonder, then, that I fail to recognize you? You– who brought it to me for the first time. Is there any way I can tell you how my life has changed? Any way at all to let you know what sweetness you have given me? There is so much to say…I cannot find the words. Except for these –

I love you!

- Somewhere in Time

I've been accumulating this massive collection of movie quotes, something I've been doing for years, and I thought, why aren't I posting some of these awesome ones on the blog? So, now I am! 

This week I have a couple of exciting posts coming up, including a brand spanking new engagement session on Thursday (along with one of Brian's amazing engagement trailers), and an FAQ post on Friday. Plus, tomorrow learn my two secrets on what helps me get through the day (Instagram followers may already know!)

In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of this weeks engagement, taken at the Coker Arboretum in Chapel Hill. Looking forward to sharing the rest!

Happy Tuesday!



What's On and Poppin'?

Have you noticed anything different on the blog lately?

Okay trick question. I haven't actually changed that much, so if you said yes, I'm either concerned by your lack of honestly, or impressed by your amazingly perceptive powers! There are minor changes popping up and I wanted to make sure you didn't miss them!

1. The "Pin-It" Button is here!

Yup, our website is slowly being integrated with Pinterest action buttons. If you're as obsessed as I am, then this will be verrrry useful! Blog posts will have a "pin-it" link above each photo, and all posts will have the pin bookmarklet along the bottom. So pin away! If you like it, share it with your friends and send them our way! :)


2. The Wedding Websites

I've mentioned this before, but we are really loving this new facet of our branding. We've got quite a few up now, and you can even visit a couple of them from our facebook page. If you're getting married and looking for a photographer, we LOOOVE offering this, and would love for you to take advantage of it! Our favorite features are:


  • Awesome Facebook integration
  • Easy access link to your proofing gallery (which still remain password protected)
  • A one-stop location for your family to see your wedding and engagement photos


If you want to peruse one more closely visit Crystal & Zaac's Wedding Website:



3. We're fully mobile now!

It's true! Our website is now HTML-5 and can be viewed on all platforms! Which we are thrilled to see, since both Brian & I use iPad's on a daily basis and know how frustrating flash is. But now there is nothing stopping you from checking out our portfolio any time you'd like! 

If you haven't seen it yet, visit it now at:



And that's whats going on over here! We have a few other things we're working on, (as always) but that's what's on and popping right now. So go! Pin! Peruse! And when you're done, we'd love to hear what you think in the comments below.


Thank you for reading!



Oh my, I almost forgot... here's a sneak peek of our latest Chapel Hill, NC engagement. More to come this week! 




Engagement Trailer | Duke Gardens | Jessika & Kevin

Ah, what can I say about the Spring that hasn’t already been said? 

Life, beauty, love.

And the way it assaults all your senses - the vibrant hues of blooming flowers, the sneaking warmth back into the days, birds and bugs declaring their approval of the change in weather, fragrant plant life accentuating the air, and that unmistakable taste of the rain ahead of a spring shower.  This is a time of year to be enjoyed deeply and our recent session at Duke Gardens afforded such an opportunity.  Jessika and Kevin are such a cute couple and we can’t wait to share in their wedding day.  In the meantime, please enjoy this new trailer as we enlist a bit of the language of romance to convey this couple’s affections for each other.

The song is “La Vie en Rose” covered by Duo Gadjo and their Hot Friends originally made famous by Edith Piaf back in 1947.  The title literally means “Life in Rosy Hues” and we hope you enjoy both the literal and figurative interpretations of that in the trailer.





To see photos from Jessika & Kevin's Durham, North Carolina Engagement session, CLICK HERE!


Wisteria Lane

I have done a ton of sessions at Duke Gardens, but at the most odd times. I have never been right now, at the beginning of April, just as spring has peeked out around the corner. So imagine my surprise when I got to Duke Gardens for Jessika & Kevin's engagment session - and it was absolutely GORGEOUS! It was arrayed with my favorite flower - wisteria! And the main garden featured every type of tulip you could imagine. The azalea's were in full bloom too and the garden was totally transformed. As an added bonus, our bride Jessika loves wisteria too, and even spent some time on "Wisteria Lane" in Japan, though I'm pretty sure that the Japanese name sounded way cooler!

I do not posess a green thumb, nor do I have the ability to keep many things alive, so I am overly appreciative when someone else does it and maintains it perfectly. 


Here is a sneak peek of last weekends engagement sessions. Tune back in later this week for the rest, as well as an all new Engagement Trailer from Brian! 

Photo from Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Durham.

Happy Wednesday!



2011... In Review.

So if you were to compare 2010 to 2011 in nothing but numbers... I would have increased my weddings by 300% and doubled my sessions for the year and quadripulated my inquiries! YEAH! Fortunately, I don't really just use percentages and numbers to measure the growth of Faces in Focus Photography.  Besides, I really don't know what quadripulated means since I just made that up!

Okay so what do I really say about 2011? Honestly? Like whoa. It's been an amazing year! The people I've met, and the friends I've made have made this year so unbelievable. I've grown a lot as a photographer, and as a person. I didn't think I would fall in love with photography the way I have. Or meet as many incredible people.. I love every single part of this business. Yes, even the paying taxes and saving receipts part. Don't mock! I'm serious! It's a part of running this little business and to do it without failing miserably, well I call that success!

I can't wait for 2012. I love my brides & grooms that we have already booked and I cannot wait to make more friends this year. But before I start daydreaming about what's to come, I thought it would be a nice opportunity to recap all the incredible people I've met and photographed this year.

To all of you - thank you. I can't think of a single session this year that I haven't walked away from with a new friend. You made this year AMAZING and I cannot thank you enough.

With love,


Linda & Kelvin's Duke Garden's Engagement Session

Cherry blossom trees at a Duke Gardens engagement.

Gorgeous pink sunset at Duke Gardens.

Maggie & Mike's Burke Manor Inn Engagement Session

Gorgeous sunlight at Burke Manor Inn.

Stunning engagement ring from Maggie & Mike.

The Arrington Girls at Beth Schmidt Park

Three beautiful girls play at Beth Schmidt park.

Gorgeous family session in Elon University.

Ricky & Janiece's Couples Session at Duke Gardens

Janeice and Ricardo pose at Duke Gardens.

Beautiful  couple at Sarah P. Duke Gardens.

Ellisa and Anthony's Newlyweds Session

Sweet newlywed session at Sarah P. Duke Gardens.

Couple laughs in center of bridge.

Linda & Kelvin's Hillsborough Wedding

Burlington Wedding Photographer

North Carolina Engagement Photographer

Cherise & Stu's Lebanon, Virginia Engagement Session

Lebanon Virgina Photographer

Wedding Photography in Virginia

Engagement Photography in Greensboro

The Traumuller's Andrews Elementary Family Session

North Carolina Photographer

Austin's Franklin Street Portrait Session

Burlington Wedding & Engagement Photographer

 Sasha's New Garden's Clubhouse Graduation Party

Greensboro Wedding & Engagement Photography

Maggie & Mike's Burke Manor Inn Wedding

Gibsonville Wedding Photography

Burke Manor Inn Wedding Photographer

Sarah's Myrtle Beach Portrait Session

North Carolina Wedding & Engagement Photographer

Wedding Photography in Burlington

Cherise & Stu's Lebanon, VA Wedding

North Carolina Destination Wedding Photographer

North Carolina Destination Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography in Virginia Mountains

Kelsey & Brad's Gibsonville Engagement

Elon University Engagement Photographer

Elon University Engagement Photography

Jonathan & Araceli's Elon University Engagement Session

Elon University Wedding Photographer

Elon University Engagement Photographer

The McMinds Family at Duke Park

Durham Wedding & Engagement Photographer

Durham Wedding and Engagement Photography

Candace & Scott's Duke Garden Engagement Session

Duke Gardens Wedding & Engagement Photographer

Engagement and Wedding Photography at Duke Gardens

Lifestyle Photographer in North Carolina

The McMinds Family Durham, NC Session

Durham Wedding Photography

Durham Engagement Photography

Duke Gardens Engagement | Candace & Scott

Candace & Scott - thank you so much for letting me photograph you both! You two are very cute together AND you think I'm funny, which means you're Awe. Some. Brian and I cannot wait until your June wedding!

With Love,

Ariana & Brian

Benson Park engagement session in Raliegh North Carolina.

Bride and groom in Downtown Raleigh NC

Couple hug at Benson Park in Raliegh NC.

Sweet hug from the bride & groom in Raleigh, NC

Lovely lens flare at Duke Gardens in Durham, NC

Downtown Raleigh engagement session.

Stunning engagement ring at Duke Gardens in Durham, NC.

Walk down the pathway at Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham

A kiss on the cheek from the groom at Duke Gardens in Durham.

To see more of Candace & Scott's Durham, North Carolina engagement session, watch the trailer below!

Guest Post | An Engagement Session Film

You read that right, it's time for another engagement session film!  This one features one of our awesome 2012 wedding couples, Jonathan and Araceli.  Sit back, relax, grab a cold beverage of your choice, and press play!  (Or just press play, we're easy like that.)  The song is "Photograph" by Lee Coulter, hopefully you'll find the lyrics as fantastic as we did and it really just has a great feel overall. 

We hope you enjoy it!

Elon University Engagement | Jonathan & Araceli

He's loved her for as long as he could remember. She was beautiful, smart, and funny, and he loved her. It was eight years in the making, eight years of a friendship that could only grow to be something more. She saw him as a wonderful friend. It was when she realized that he was her best friend that it happened. It's been three years since they've become "something more" to each other and in April, they're going to turn that into forever.

Jonathan & Araceli - you guys are so cute! We're so happy to be documenting this incredible love between you two. We'll be looking forward to your wedding next year! :)

With love,

*Ariana & Brian*


Elon University engagement photography

Bride and groom pose on the Elon campus in Elon North Carolina.

Engagement photography at Elon University

Elon University Engagement Photographer

Wedding photography and videography in Elon, NC

Engagement photography and videography in Elon, NC

Wedding photography and videography at Elon University

Now that winter is creeping closer and closer, the darkness snuck upon us quick, but these two night time images turned out to be two of my favorites from the whole session! 

Wedding photography and videography in Elon, NC



Guest Post | An Elon Engagement Session Film

The sun, the crisp air, jackets and coats. And, oh, the leaves!

No two ways about it, autumn is pretty awesome. But our fun-loving couple from last weekend, Kelsey & Brad, may just give the season a run for its money.

Determine who wins the awesome crown for yourself this week in our newest film below! The song is "I've Got This Friend" by the Civil Wars. This song has stood out to me since I heard it, and I’ve been looking for the perfect couple to use it for. I hope you like it too!



Elon University Engagement | Kelsey & Brad

She's the bubbly type. You know, the girl who makes everyone smile without even trying. Him? The strong, silent type. Since high school they've been together, and over six and a half years, they've come to know the ins and outs of each other. She supports him in everything he is, even so much as traversing 600 miles to be here in North Carolina - with him. He supports her as she tackles nursing school and plans their wedding back home in Indiana. Together they make this amazingly fun, happy, loving couple and it's just so clear - they're perfect together.

Kelsey & Brad - Oh I'm soooo excited that I got to meet you! You two make me feel like an old friend and remind me why photography is just so darn fun! Thank you for spending time with us last Saturday. I know your wedding will be absolutely amazing! :D


Much Love - Ariana

Burlington NC Photographer at Elon University for engagement photos

Kelsey had one request - TRAIN TRACKS! And I KNOW where to find some train tracks! So we made a fun stop in Gibsonville to get us started!

Burlington couple pose on train tracks in downtown Gibsonville.

Kelsey and Brad smile in Gibsonville, NC

NC Wedding & Engagement Photography and Videography

Cowboy boots & a dress? Girl after my own Southern heart.

Elon Wedding & Engagement Photography and VideoWe drove over to the Elon University campus to wrap up our session.

Burlington, NC Wedding & Engagement Photography and Video

Fun couple photographed by Gibsonville Wedding Photographer & Video

Kelsey - you're such a trooper, posing in your dress! You look so fierce!

Engaged couple smile for Burlington Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Fun couple photographed by Elon Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Gorgeous lens flare at the Elon University campus in North Carolina.

Burlington Engagement and Wedding Photographer and Videographer

North Carolina Engagement and Wedding Photographer and Videographer


Face to Face: How to Plan Your Portrait Session Outfit

This past weekend, Daylights Savings Time ended. I turned the clocks back, hopped on the couch, excited that I'd get an extra hour of sleep. I even went to bed at a reasonable hour to actually ENJOY it. And then... I woke up at 6AM, approximately 1.5 hours sooner than I planned. I mean seriously ya'll? The one year I didn't waste my Daylight Savings Time running around til 2AM, using up that precious hour, and I wake up EARLY?

The irony.

BUT nevertheless I did get a few things accomplished so not all was lost. In fact I edited an entire session from Saturday, and my goodness if these guys didn't look absolutely adorable! Which brings me to my post today (5 points for a seamless segue!) - how to plan for your portrait session!

This video includes some tips about:

  1. Selecting the style for your session.

  2. Finding the right location for your style.

  3. Planning your outfits for any weather.


Now this is our very FIRST video, and we plan on making lots and lots of little tweaks, but we appreciate any comments, or suggestions! And if you have any questions you'd like us to answer, leave them in the comment box below!

Thanks! :)


Featured | The Lovely Find

We were so excited to have one of our awesome engagement sessions featured on The Lovely Find yesterday!


You remember Cherise & Stu? Adorably cute couple we drove to Virginia to photograph? Who's wedding was at the end of September, and pretty much rocked our photographer loving minds?

Yeah, them. They're featured! :D

Stop by the Lovely Find and leave some love HERE!


Lebanon, VA Engagement Photographer | Cherise & Stu

He knew it long before she did. That they were going to be together. Cherise had just moved from North Carolina to the mountains of Virginia, smack into his life. She was beautiful, smart, and funny. Stu just knew.

But Cherise hadn't moved to Virginia for a relationship. He's not my really my type. Right? Even as she asked all her friends, she already knew that deep down, he had already stolen a piece of her heart. They were friends, good friends, and even when she said No to him. Even when he handed her a stuffed teddy bear named Scooby, smiled, and agreed to just be friends. She was smitten, and it was love from then on.


Thank you Cherise & Stu, for inviting me to Virginia. Inviting me to share in your life and love. I'm so honored to be your friend, and Brian and I cannot wait until your September wedding!



We started in the Jefferson Park where Stu proposed to Cherise.

Future bride and groom to be pose by waterfall.

Pink Diamond ring showcased while couple kiss.

Cherise leaps on Stu's back for a shot

I have a whole set of silly images like this one! These two had me laughing the entire session!!

She bites his ear for fun.

This waterfall was simply breathtaking. Totally worth it even though we had to slide to our death rock climb down an embankment!


Okay, I know, technically it's out of focus... but I. LOVE. IT. Like hard.


After we left the Jefferson National Park, we headed to where they were going to have their reception. And it was Stun.Ning. 



Oh the light!!! Gorge!


Cherise, goodness gracious you're gorgeous.




When I took this shot, I'm pretty sure I jumped up in the air. And clicked my heels.


And if a breathtaking mountain wasn't enough... throw in a TRAMPOLINE!



I'll end with my favorite, favorite, favorite shot. Because this shot is like Whoa. A lot like their love.


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