2012 Favorite Engagement Trailer Moments | Burlington, NC Wedding Videography

If you didn't know already, every wedding a couple books with Silver Feather also comes along with a our (patent-pending) "Engagement Trailer".  Just like what you see on the big screen, it's a short film to capture the couple's happiness and to get everyone excited for the big day.  We get to have a lot of fun on these shoots, and 3 particular moments pop to mind below...

Nathan and Tiffany are some of the coolest folks we've met, and you can totally tell that in the story of their engagement we helped them tell in their Trailer.  Two great moments here (yeah, I'm cheating), both of their dogs managing to pose perfectly for the film thumbnail you see above AND their impromptu dancing in the barn towards the end of the film.  Can't wait until y'all's wedding!

Another soon to be married couple, Wally and Kim!  It's scary how much these two  match Ari and I.  Cool, funny, suave guy (yeah I know I'm reaching) and a spunky, Le Mis-loving, romantic girl - their wedding day is going to be a blast!  Anyways, the keyword for this film's moment is - BOKEH.  Check out how cool the carousel and the general fairway lights look out of focus during the carousel and the Ferris-wheel clips - gotta love the fair for that!

This moment is a bit of a cheat.  I technically had nothing to do with it!  The moment(s) I picked here are the photos from this Trailer of Chris and Briana.  Ari did an awesome job capturing these two in and around downtown Raleigh, and using her images in this Trailer was a treat for me.