2012 Favorite Wedding Film Moments | Burlington, NC Wedding Videography

2012 had an awesome bounty of some wonderful moments.  From beautiful moments between our couples to the classic tearjerkers as the bride comes down the isle, there's always something great to look back on once the wedding day is done.  It'd be a looong post to go into each of them, so here's 3 selected moments from last year's work we thought you'd enjoy!

Thiago and Axel really stood out last year as having someof the most unique ideas - incorporating Venetian masks and visiting a historic carousel on their big day!  My favorite moment here is getting a big laugh from them both as I run (much to Ari's dismay) along with the carousel.*

 *No cinematographers were harmed in the making of this highlights film.

Caitlyn and Daniel took the whole "rustic barn" theme to another level with their wedding.  Caitlyn's nephew, however, nearly stole the attention of all the ladies at the event, and following him around was a blast - look for the future lady's man popping up throughout the highlights!

Finally we arrive at Ashley and Sam's surprise elopement film.  This shoot had everything, hours with two great people, an "obviously-in-love" couple, a picnic in the grass - but what I loved most is all the awesomatasticness (TM) that that golden sunset gave the shoot.

The Watts.jpg