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I’m the kind of person who loves new beginnings. I used to buy new pens and notebooks and wait until the beginning of the new school year to even touch them. Or I’d buy a beautiful new journal, but wait until the first of the year to actually start writing in it. It’s the way I work.

So needless to say, with January 1st JUST around the corner, we are in major work mode. Because why start out a new year without a new perspective?

Brian and I are moving this month. This whole packing thing? I could probably do without. I think I’m half determined to take most of these boxes and drop them off at Goodwill just so I don’t have to unpack them! With an Ikea trip in our future, plus three weekends of moving, painting, and unpacking ahead of me, I fully expect to spend ridiculous amounts of November and December in my bed. I will say though, I am so excited about our new apartment!! There is a kitchen you can actually move around in, an open living room to fit our new wall unit, and an extra bedroom that we are converting into a fabulous new office/workspace that will be TOTALLY organized and awesome. Needless to say, I can’t wait. Fresh starts and all, y’know?

I’d say Faces in Focus has a few life-changing decisions in the works before January 1st too. I can’t tell you about it JUST yet, but I know for sure that you all will love it!! We are so excited for what we have in store, and cannot wait to share with you guys. But it’s still hush hush for now, so keep an eye peeled out… :D

Since I’m holding back on the secrets, here is a fun picture of our Faces in Focus team at our last wedding that ought to make up for it…


Yeah, we're a trip. :)

Have a Happy Friday!!  


Ariana Watts

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