FAQ : Photographer Tip - Be Critiqued

I haven't done an FAQ in a long time, but this seemed a great week to discuss a pretty important topic - being critiqued. As photographers we will always be criticized, by our peers, our superiors, our friends, and our enemies. We will get opinions from people we really don't want to hear them from, and some from people who don't really mean it. Some is constructive, most, well, isn't.

But I had the incredible privilege to attend a mentoring session last year with McCardell Photography. I sat down for two hours while they critiqued my photos. They told me what habits I had and should avoid and gave me tips to help me come closer to the feelings I wanted expressed in my image. They supplied editing tips, shooting advice, and composition suggestions. I walked away totally amazed. They saw things I didn't even realize were there. And they gave me tips that would change my photography from that point forward.

It has been several months since I did that, but I benefit from that experience every day. So how would you go about getting the right critique? Two important steps. First, find a photographer who's work you admire and whose experience is strong. A seasoned photographer will know the ins and outs of both the business and technical side of the Photography. Second, start with the right attitude. You have to want to change and improve your photography. You also want to be able to accept any critique thrown at you. You can always choose how you use it after, but if you go on the defensive, you risk missing out on the wisdom of the experienced.

I am actually really excited to announce that McCardell Photography has begun offering mentoring sessions. I genuinely urge you to take up the opportunity to invest in your business for the better. If there is one thing I learned, it's that this industry is so much stronger together, and being encouraged and advised by your peers is truly priceless. There is no benefit to me to encourage you to do this, the McCardells aren't handing me any sort of affiliate bonus, or anything like that (hint, HINT... j/k). I am writing this post because if it helps one photographer succeed, then I've helped.

We are stronger together. We succeed together.

Happy Tuesday!


And I didn't forget to add a picture... Here is a sneak peek of last weekend's Burlington, NC wedding at The Palladium... more to come later this week!


Ariana Watts

Silver Feather Studios, Burlington, NC, 27217, United States