Sugar High & Other Randomness

My dentist and I should be best friends, considering the amount of cavity-making candy I eat on a regular basis. April 9 this year marked Half Off Jelly Bean Day (in Ariana-Land), so I hit up Target and wiped them out (I had to stock up for May-January, duh!)

My years of studying, tasting, and experimenting with various jelly beans has led me to interesting results. In fact my test subjects (a.k.a. people I've corrupted) have only confirmed my findings. If anyone just so happens to be wondering, my top three recommended jelly beans are:

1. Nerds Jelly Beans (these things are BANGIN!)

2. Sweet Tart Jelly Beans (brush extra at night w/ these)

3. Starburst Crazy Beans (2 flavors, 1 bean, lots of love)

Nerds Jelly Beans and Easter Candy
Nerds Jelly Beans and Easter Candy

Alright I know, you're getting cavities just reading, so how about some Eye Candy!


Best screensaver ever right?! Yeah, I thought so too. Hello Mr. Ryan Gosling! I love these "Hey Girl" photos that are all over my Pinterest feed. They make my day so much better.

And one more photo, thanks to my husband's aunt who posted this on Facebook, and now I loooove it!


Get it? We just click? Like me and Brian? I know right!!!

Any recommendations from you guys? Click on the Comments Link at the top of this post, and leave me a note! :)

Happy Wednesday! 


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