2013 Video Review

People think video is easy.  

Just get a nice camera and put on a tripod and wham, bam, you have a great video.  We know better though.  Not only do you have to have a deep well of well shot clips, clear audio, and overall direction in shooting, you also have to take that and make something that is completely unique to the couple and watchable for the family of the couple and the public at large.  

But what is the MOST important part of the whole thing?  What creates tears of joy, what sends shivers down the spine, what makes it all watchable?

Having the chance to film two people that are really in love.  

Besides the locations, the decor, and the cakes, the most important parts of our videos is the chance we get to showcase the love between all the wonderful people who have trusted us to do just that.  And man, oh man, did we have some great stories to tell last year.

Instead of making a video focusing on all the little parts of the engagement/wedding process that prove to be inconsequential over time, we've focused it on why the whole thing happens in the first place.  

The love.

If you are interested in having Ariana and I tell your story through photos and/or video, please click the "Contact" button at the top of the page.