Sugar Highs & Cleanses

Brian spends way more time perusing the Internet than I ever do. I stick to my usual places - Pinterest, Facebook, ummm.... Pinterest. So it's no surprise Brian finds the funniest videos, memes and miscellaneous stuff long before I ever do. Which is so abundantly clear whenever I'm laughing my head off at memes on Pinterest, but when I show Brian, his usual response is "Um, yeah, I saw that a week ago. Way to catch up, dear." 

Needless to say he catches all the best things, many of which just HAVE to be shared. Including this video from Suzi Yoonessi.

 that just makes me laugh hysterically. It is pretty much what sugar is like for me. All day, everyday. 

I couldn't tell if this video is ridiculously hilarious or totally wrong, but i'm going with the fact that it very much makes me laugh!

Though it does come at an odd time - I'm doing a cleanse. I've never "dieted" before in my life but Brian & I are headed off on a cruise next week (holla!!) and i wanted a last final push before I go. I've had to stick to fruits and veggies for the last three days, and the moment this is over, i'll be doing shots of soda like there is no tomorrow! WOOHOO!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a happy day! :)


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