A Weekend Away: Charleston

If there is one thing I have not done nearly as often as I should, it's traveling. I had a personal goal this year to travel more, and I think I've done a good job of meeting that goal! I went on a retreat in the mountains, spent a weekend in Nashville, and visited Oklahoma for the first time. Now I can officially add Charleston to the list. Granted, I've been there a couple of times for events and smaller trips, but this was the first time I got to spend a couple of days enjoying the city. Added bonus? I got to spend the weekend with two amazing women, Brittany & Olivia, who are the two most beautiful nurses in the world!

The trip was amazing. Charleston is seriously beautiful, and pretty much everywhere we ate was absolutely delicious (including the pizza we ordered in one night because we were too lazy and just wanted to talk & watch Parks & Rec.) Also, I caught TONS of new Pokemon (much to my friend Brittany's dismay, though I think I was very subtle in my attempts! :P)

I'm so glad I took this trip. I spend way too much time in my office, and I'm pretty sure it's not good for me, but trips like this are exactly what are needed to unwind and keep creativity flowing! Next year, I'm adding Boston to the list, definitely going to revisit Oklahoma, and am determined to add one more cool new location to my ever-growing list of experiences. Hm. Maybe Oregon? Seattle? Arizona? Who knows! It's going to be epic either way. :D

Most of my photos from the weekend were taken on my iPhone, but we did get to visit the Magnolia Plantation, so I brought my camera. Thank goodness I did, or I would never have captured such a great photo of Brittany proving she is, indeed, a Disney princess.

Ariana Watts

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