Adventures of Adulting - HelloFresh VS. Blue Apron

Back in February, my divorce was finalized and two days later I officially moved back into my old place - SOLO. Believe it or not, that's not something I've done... EVER. I got married when I was twenty and before that, I lived with my parents, so this is officially the first time I've not shared a home with ANYONE ELSE.

Guys. I LOVE IT. IT'S AWESOME. 5 stars, would absolutely recommend.

Of course, now that I'm living that solo single life, I'm determined to reach the max levels in adulting. Might as well, right? One of those areas that seriously needed some training? Cooking. And grocery shopping. And meal planning. And meal prepping. And all the things that are associated with that whole "eat" scenario.

But we live in a world in which there are companies that deliver food. To your door. With INSTRUCTIONS.


So with some budgeting and planning and asking around for friends with free one-week trials, I signed up for HelloFresh & Blue Apron. Each company is a little different and has different recipes, so I want to try as many as possible. I LOVE that each company lets you skip weeks if necessary, so I didn't feel any particular risk in trying them all out.

As of right now, I've gotten two boxes from hellofresh (I paid for the second) and one from Blue Apron. Here's the scoop.


The Ribbons & Bows: Packaging

I'm not going to go into too much detail about how they're delivered (unless you want me to - then comment below). They're both delivered in a way where you don't have to worry about coolness or cross-contamination and are delivered nicely.

But HelloFresh wins all the awards when it comes to organization. Each meal comes in their own recyclable bag. When it's time to cook, its as easy as grabbing a bag, opening it up, and removing what I need.

Blue Apron, on the other hand, puts everything in one big bag that definitely keeps everything cool, BUT only the smaller items are packaged by meal. I had to look at the recipe cards to know which meal uses the bok choy and which meal uses the kale.

To be fair, this is TOTALLY A FIRST WORLD PROBLEM, but the ease of grabbing one bag and knowing everything is already there is just way nicer. Basically, depending on your own personal level of OCD and/or laziness, you might prefer one company over the other. For me, it's HelloFresh.

The Process: Cooking

I LOVE how they send these cute, high-quality cards for us to look at while we cook! Of the two companies, though, I liked HelloFresh's better. Their cards are so happy and easy to read. I actually felt mildly intimidated by Blue Apron's cards - they just seemed way more serious. As an added bonus, HelloFresh has a "cooking mode" in their app that's pretty nice, even though I prefer the cards.

Again, HelloFresh just fits my life right now.

The Yummy Levels: Meal Taste & Selection

Both companies really have some fantastic meals. I've already cooked a couple new things in the brief time I've tried them (who knew salmon was so easy to cook??? well, a lot of people apparently, but NOT ME.) Still, HelloFresh had more choices that I wanted to try than Blue Apron did. It was actually hard to narrow it down to three. They all looked light but filling, as well as mostly healthy alternatives.

I had the opposite problem with Blue Apron. I couldn't pick which two I was willing to try that also fit my current lifestyle health choices - they all seemed just a little carb-heavy and not quite as fresh and light. I do believe you can adjust your meal choice options, but I didn't even have to do that with HelloFresh.

So HelloFresh, again, wins for me.

I think it's fairly obvious, but I realllllllllly like HelloFresh. For a single person, it's plenty of food and it makes me look super legit when I have guests over. I think their packaging and organization and branding is just more appealing, and a better fit, for me and my current health goals.

Next company I want to try is MarleySpoon, but I'm waiting til I get that hookup for the free first week. HINT HINT 😄 I'll let you know how it goes.

Happy Monday - enjoy the rest of your week!