Batman Wedding at The Cotton Room | Amanda + John


Amanda and John would tell you themselves - on paper, they really don't go together. She was a sports-loving bookworm, he was a gym-loving gamer with a deep passionate love for Batman. When they were together, it was clear that their interests were different and yet... they were a perfect match. Their opposing interests garnered complete support from the other. Amanda will see every Marvel movie with him, he makes sure she has plenty of time with his coworkers to talk about the latest game. She got her beautiful wedding at The Cotton Room, he got to wear his Batman shirt beneath his tux. They both enjoy Netflix marathons together, and when the going gets tough, they can't imagine anyone else at their sides. Their love of having fun, enjoying delicious foods, and just being together, makes them a couple you will never be bored around.

Amanda and John... well I mean, come on, you guys are AWESOME! I've loved literally every second of hanging out with you both, I love that we have so much to talk about, and I am looking forward to future superhero movies in Cary with the two of you! You guys are the bomb-diggety, and thank you for letting ME be the one who got to document such an awesome time in your lives!




the awesome squad:

Venue: The Cotton Room

Photographer: Silver Feather Studios

Catering: Triangle Catering/The Cotton Room

Florist: Tre Bella Inc

DJ: All Around Raleigh DJ

Bakery: Ambrosia Cakes

Hair: Salon Posh

Makeup: Eye Do Hair & Make Up

Invitations: Papyrus

Ariana Watts

Silver Feather Studios, Burlington, NC, 27217, United States