Behind the Name | Burlington, NC Wedding Photography

One big question we've been asked since we announced Silver Feather Studios is  "Why the name change?"

"Was Faces in Focus not photography-y enough for you?"

"Don't you WANT all your faces in focus in your images?"  :D

Well, valid questions to be sure.  Basically, we sat down after our 2 years in business and asked ourselves - who are we?  And it turns out the answer to that has changed a bunch since the inception of Faces in Focus Photography.

In 2010, Faces in Focus Photography started out as a photography-only endeavor between two sister-in-laws (shout out to Sarah Watts of Sarah Michelle Photography!).  Fast forward to now and it’s a very different business.  Ariana has grown leaps and bounds in her photography and offers a unique eye that our clients really enjoy.  I have dove headfirst into the cinematography world, integrating video and photos in all of our engagement and wedding highlight films.  

Plus, as a wedding-centered business, we have found that being a husband and wife team has helped us greatly. We have that super cool ability to read each other’s minds (or at least’s Ari’s “move-out-of-my-way” glare… jk!) We get to enjoy the process together, from beginning to end, with each of our couples and it makes for a fun friendship with every bride and groom. So we wanted a name and brand that reflected our mutual teamwork and love.

If you've read this blog long enough, you have probably figured out that deep down, beneath Ariana’s super cool hair, and my awesome t-shirts… we’re both certified geeks (overused term nowadays but it works :-D). Like the kind that loves sci-fi, Zelda, and Doctor Who, or could spend a entire wintery Saturday playing Minecraft.

We both love the idea of romance, falling in love, and weddings – it’s what drew us together. Take all those things, pop them in a crock pot, with a dash of amaaaaazing designer (more on the awesomeness that is Braizen later this week!) and let it simmer for a few hours and bam! Silver Feather Studios was born. It’s a reflection of the nerdy, the romantic, and the fun all wrapped up in awesome. 

So that’s why we changed the name.  To put a little more “us” in the business. And we hope you love it as much as we do.

Ariana & Brian Watts, Silver Feather Studios, a North Carolina Wedding photo & video company.