Being 100% You - Your (Not So) Secret Superpower

Want to hear some good news? The creative industry is fairly easy to get into!

The bad news? The creative industry is fairly easy to get into.

What’s the difference? If you’re talented, put a lot of time and research into building a business and a product, there is a chance you’ll go out into the world and actually succeed. You’ve got skill, talent, drive, and you’ve used it all to your advantage. You were smart with the little money you had and invested wisely, it worked, and here you are, making a living.

Sadly, there are others with similar skills that might take the same path you did… have the same drive… might even come up with similar ideas. Before long they’re charging the same prices, and you’re feeling like it’s so unfair!

Well, I'm about to reveal a HUGE secret. Are you ready for this? Because it’s really, really big. Seriously, hold on to something.

You are one of a kind, and only you can do you.

Being 100% You - Your Secret Superpower

Whaaaaat. I know, it’s crazy. But that really is the big secret. That fact that you are the only one who can be yourself singlehandedly makes you amazing and puts you ahead. It’s your leg up in your personal life, and in your business. Which means you’ve got to take full advantage of this and create a personal brand that encompasses your heart and who YOU are.

Branding is extremely important for small businesses. If you’re not sure what a brand is, it’s essentially how people see you and how your business makes them feel. Whether you’re an aspiring blogger, photographer, youtuber - they all require a certain level of branding consistency to build trust, and loyal followers. Too many small business owners do this way later in the game. They have a separate instagram feed for their personal things, their website is a-type and professional, and then they struggle. They’re just not finding the right people to work with and aren’t making the right connections. Without realizing it, they’ve become their own obstacle.

Being who you are, owning the parts of you that make you unique, and then making them a part of your business, is a wonderful way to fix those hangups. Social media is about being social (*mind blown*). Don’t make the mistake of thinking your business has to be separate. Don’t compare yourself to the competition and wonder why they’re doing better than you are. Instead, tap into your hidden superpower, and start putting yourself out there. They should see more than just your professional side. Let them see just how much you love to buy shoes, show off your epic mug collection, and admit to the masses that you are a terrible cook. Show them how it makes your work different, and you better.

Imagine you had two coffee shops in town. At one, they know you by name, can start on your order the moment you walk in the door, and you are on a first name basis with everyone there. At the other, none of those things apply, but maybe their coffee is better. Maybe. Which coffee shop do you go back to over and over again? Is it the one filled with people you know and like?

Make your business, your brand, like THAT coffee shop. Become relatable and people will love you for it.

Building a personal brand and being entirely yourself? Pretty much the coolest superpower ever. Just kidding.  It’s actual flying. Or walking through walls. Maybe invisibility… Okay, correction. It’s the coolest superpower you can ACTUALLY have.

Now go do you.

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