Book Hangovers and Facing Reality

I was that kid who would read books cover to cover in a single night, huddled under two blankets with a flashlight. It always took me two hours to do the dishes because I had to stop every couple minutes to read page (which often got me in trouble since doing dishes at 12am after everyone is asleep wasn't very favorable). 

Every once in a while I find a fantastic book that draws me in instantly... and may stay up until 6am to finish reading it. I did that with Divergent recently and let me tell you... the FEELS!! I can't quite put a finger on how to describe how I'm totally depressed and happy all at once for having spent an entire night somewhere else, in another world, where some of my friends died and I also kind of sort of fell in love with this book character and how I want to curl up in a ball and cry for the ones I lost and fight like heck for everyone else and... yeah. Like I said, the feels are all over the place. 

Thankfully I'm not the only person out there who is so enthralled in her novels, according to Pinterest... 

While I nurse myself back to reality (and promptly delve into book two...) go out there and grab yourself a book! If you need recommendations, visit my Pinterest Board or my Goodreads Profile


Happy Thursday and happy reading! :)