#brandspankinawesome: Putting the YOU in Your Business

One of the things I absolutely adore about my clients is that we typically have something awesome in common. Sometimes it's books, or music, or television shows. This makes our clients experience much more personal, and is what makes them better classified as "friends". 

I know that the biggest contributing factor to this awesomeness is my personal use of social media. Being open about what I like, what is going on in my life, or what I'm currently reading has opened the doors for fun and personal conversations. There is never a shortage of things to talk about.

So how can you walk the fine line of sharing personal tidbits of your life without going overboard on the personal? Here is how I do it.


I rarely use my personal Facebook page. Instead I send all my posts to my business page - with a few rules of course! Every post should be something my clients and friend would care about. It should be funny (duh!) and it should be honest without being negative. NEVER be negative. Drama and business should never mix and your business page, and your business page should never be a soapbox or place to vent. If it is necessary (perhaps a "please don't steal my images" type message) try to maintain a positive angle. Keeping my personal page clean allows me to add my clients as Facebook friends, which means I get to tag them, talk to them, and keep up with their awesomeness even after their wedding.



I love books, my clients, and all things nerdy. When you go to my Instagram feed, that is exactly what you see. Most of my clients have read Divergent, are in the middle of new book recommendations (courtesy of me) and are getting excited for their upcoming sessions and weddings as they see others get shared. As a bonus, I get to maintain a lot of personal relationships with my clients even after the wedding is over. 


My website is my handshake, and my blog is my voice.
— Jasmine Star

Since the very first day I started blogging, I've always tried to be 100% me. I write the same way I talk, plus a couple of exclamation points, and I talk about what I like. If people come to our blog and find themselves overwhelmed by my use of the word "fangirl" and "awesome" and "holla", they may never come back, but it also means we might not have hit it off that well in the first place. Those who stick around laugh at how hilarious I totally (think I) am, will probably have a blast squealing over things with me, and be best friends for life.


So if there is one tip that I can give you as a blogger, it's to be YOU. Talk about things you want to have in common with your readers and clients, share images of your interests, and behind the scenes of your day to day life. Then, inter-weave it with your work and your professional images. As photographers, it is our personalities that make us different from everyone else. We all have a "passion for photography" and have been "holding a camera since before you could walk" but not all of us are obsessed with cooking, or sweets or gardening. How much fun would it be to have clients who are as excited about the things you love as you are?

Let your clients love you in all your glorious awesome!


P.S. If you ever need help with your blogging, I'd be happy to help! Outsource your blogging to me, and I'll help you with your SEO and social media, get your sessions and weddings blogged sooner, and can even help to iron out the branding a little. Contact me today!