The Blog Process | Part 4: Creating Content

Hello you sexy awesomer you. How YOU doing? Okay I don't know what's happening here, but it's time for week FOUR!! It's another #brandspankinawesome Friday and now that you're finally picking out the perfect photos for your blog, and are realizing how important your brand is in EVERY STEP, we're going to talk about one of the hardest parts - writing content!

If you're not totally caught up, or want a refresh - boom: 


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If you're not a natural writer, then writing content is by far the most time consuming and difficult part of the blogging process. Even if you ARE  a writer, it still can be hard to come up with constantly NEW content. 

I have a few tips and tricks I keep on hand to help me create refreshing new content for each post.

ask questions/send questionnaires

It's impossible to remember all the fun anecdotes that you hear when you spend time with your clients, but if you've got a good memory, ask lots of questions! Find out all about how they met, or what they do, or what a typical Saturday looks like for them. These make a great foundation for a good blog post. 

Questionnaires can do the work for you as well. They don't have to be long, but ask the questions you want to share. Keep it original. We love to find out what our clients do in their spare time, how they met, and how he proposed - these three questions (and several more) are asked in a questionnaire, as well as when we interview them for their engagement videos. I hold on to these stories and use them as openers for my blog posts. 

What questions would you want to know and share about your clients?  If you're looking for some great ideas, I love this blog post from Photography Concentrate!

talk about things you care about

That infusion of personality I am constantly spewing on about? It involves sharing what YOU enjoy. Don't be afraid to write about your DIY projects IF its something you believe your clients will connect with. Share the latest books you've been reading, or talk about why you LOVE designing and selling albums. Whether it's personal or business-related, let it be something you truly care about, or you're going to be bored, and so are your readers.

write when you're inspired

believe it or not, there are certain times of day where I just write better and faster. It's like when you get the star in Super Mario and you're just on FIYAH. I write as many blog posts as I can when I'm in this mode. They don't have to be perfect, but I will flesh out an entire idea or post and just scribble it all down. Later when I'm typing it up online, I fix the grammar and add the photos, and do all the extra work. But in that moment, I get it out. 

We all have times when we're just at our peak. Or when you have an idea out of nowhere. Keep a notebook or use your phone to take advantage of that! And once it's out of your system and you're back to  normal and no longer changing colors, hop back to your editorial calendar and add to it. Because you just got two steps ahead and that is brandspankinawesome. Don't waste it!

read other blogs for fun

It's easy to get into the same routine of "this is what I'm doing or what I like. Here. Look. LOOK." 

So to avoid that very non-interesting type of content, I read a lot of different blogs for inspiration. Its very beneficial to draw inspiration from reading DIY posts, and behind the scenes posts, and marketing posts, because they take you outside of your comfort zone. If you love talking about books or crocheting or upcycling old furniture, read blogs about that, so that you can get ideas for yourself that you can share with your own following. Sign up for an account with Feed.Ly and subscribe to lots of different blogs.

Here are a few of my favorites:

be  yourself

This is perhaps easier said than done... but it's really important. Don't talk like a robot. Write in your own voice. Pretend that this screen is just another friend and you're blabbing about whatever makes you happy. Write like you TALK. Believe it or not, I do use hashtags in my every day vocabulary. I also talk extremely fast and a lot. I make silly jokes, and I make terrible jokes, and I say things like "it's da bomb dot com." 

So when people meet me after reading my blog, they definitely feel like they know me. This is the goal you're trying to obtain. If it helps to perhaps record the blog post verbally (try talking about a topic as if a friend is around then do that, and record it. Type it up exactly as you said it. Don't be afraid to USE ALL CAPS when you're REALLY EXCITED. Or emphasize how awesome your dog is. Or talk about how you just ate the best cake of all time.

You do you. And people will love it. 


I still can't believe you came BACK to visit me today. You da bomb and I'll love you forever! Next week we wrap this whole thing up by talking about the final step - marketing your blog posts to the Twitter and the Facebook and the Instagram. 

Have another #brandspankinawesome Friday!


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