Bridal Session at The Mims House | Sarah

I don't always get the chance to do bridal sessions, but when I do... they turn out amazing, and I have to wait WEEKS TO SHARE IT!! That is by far the hardest thing!

Sarah married Sean at the Highgrove Estate last weekend, so now that we've all seen her in all her bridal perfection, I can share these beautiful images. We found the perfect backdrop for the session - The Mims House in Holly Springs. This stunning venue has a million perfect rooms, and a thousand reflective tables, and the most gorgeous light... you guys. It was SO perfect.

Huge thanks to Priscilla for allowing us to use her venue, and to Jennifer Abercrombie for doing a wonderful job on Sarah's makeup, both for the bridal sesh and her wedding day!

And Sarah - you. are. gorgeous!!

This image right here is this weird, cool compilation of a million different sources of inspiration - my husband who pointed out the chandelier I photographed through (and set up the ladder), the Traci Arney's and Mabyn Ludke's and Susan Striplings who I've been getting so many new ideas and ways to push myself... and then this happened...

Ariana Watts

Silver Feather Studios, Burlington, NC, 27217, United States