Rainy Day Engagement in Blowing Rock | Taylor + Caleb

Welcome back to the bliggity bloggity folks! I’m excited to share my recent session for, like, a LOT of reasons. Let me count the ways.

  1. These two are good friends of mine so naturally, I’m pretty stoked about them getting married.


  3. We spent an ENTIRE day in Blowing Rock in the cold and rain and we did not just generate gorgeous photos. We had an ADVENTURE and this has permanently changed my outlook on how engagement sessions with me are going to go for the rest of forever. Shout out to the couples who embrace the wind and rain and everything in between.

Taylor and Caleb, we are down to like THIRTY TWO DAYS. Your wedding is going to be fantastic and crazy and feature exactly the right amount of Disney songs and I honestly can’t wait. Excuse me while I jump up and down for the next MONTH.



We started this session in downtown Blowing Rock, where we just getting the first few drops of rain. So we found a slightly covered alleyway and got comfortable. It took like half a second to get these two giggling in front of the camera (granted, they’re both silly and we’re friends so that wasn’t especially hard.)

rainy engagement session in blowing rock
foggy engagement session in blowing rock
rainy blowing rock engagement session
foggy blowing rock engagement session

Next stop, the Pathway of Perfection, featuring rain drops and green leaves and foggy backgrounds surrounding us into our own little breathtaking bubble.

I look at you and I’m home.

A stunning couple in gold and burgundy photographed in downtown Blowing Rock. Images by Ariana Hurdle of Silver Feather Studios.
A stunning couple in gold and burgundy photographed in downtown Blowing Rock. Images by Ariana Hurdle of Silver Feather Studios.

Cue the outfit change and a desperate need for coffee.

We stopped at Camp Coffee to warm up, and then we found this cool neon light and a comfy chair and had some cuddly fun.

“You are my greatest adventure.”

I may have once dreamed of a foggy session reminiscent of Pride & Prejudice, but I never actually thought the weather would align for such perfection… AND THEN IT DID. I’m still smitten with these moments.

Beaufort NC Engagement Session | Madison + Kenny

When you've got a firefighter and a nurse on crazy schedules that don't line up with each other (let alone your own!) you plan way ahead. So we picked out a date back in March, and when we woke up to gray skies and rain, we stayed committed! We drove the 3 hours to Beaufort, a place Madison has visited for years with her family, and now has shared memories with Kenny. And it was awesome. AWEsome. No amount of rain could dim the gorgeousness that is downtown Beaufort, plus these two are so happy and cute that I honestly loved every photo we took that day - even when they're just of Madison stuffing her face! :P

Madison & Kenny, you guys are the best, the cutest, the sweetest, and I obviously adore you both. Thanks for spending an entire day in the rain with me, for being adventurous and pretending not to be cold, and for being really weird in all the best ways. I can't wait to attend your wedding in September!


We had an ENTIRE day of rain, but on the way home we spotted a streak of gloriously golden sunshine and swiftly turned off the highway in downtown Raleigh to find the nearest parking deck. And once we got up there..... the sun had already set and we missed it. It's okay though, because ADVENTURE!


Penny Bend Nature Reserve Engagement | Jessica & Corey

I love when my clients pick their locations because it guarantees a personal meaning AND a new challenge for me. But Jessica & Corey really surprised me with this location. I would have never expected to find what turned out to be BASICALLY AN ENCHANTED FOREST in the middle of Durham!! We spent a couple hours in the setting sun with their sweet dog babies and laughing over how it was the most ridiculously HOT DAY in October. With an abandoned metal building and pathways galore, it was perfection. I can't wait to see these guys get married next October!