Chapel Hill Lifestyle Engagement | Anna + Jeremy

There's been a trend lately... Animals with fairly consistent behavior being used in perfectly planned proposals only to have them unexpectedly #fail and have to scramble for a backup plan! The good news? It makes for an adorable story!

Jeremy intended to have their cat, Grizabella slip right up to her mommy wearing a ribbon around her neck holding the very important token of love. But in true cat fashion, she changed course, not even  stopping to say hello to her mommy and went straight for her food. As Anna remarked on Grizabella's "pretty ribbon", Jeremy searched for a backup plan. Managing to still record the whole thing (while pretending to text - totally ninja) he convinced her to take a photo with their cat and look at the ribbon. When Anna finally saw the ring, she turned to see Jeremy waiting on one knee ready to ask her to marry him.

Anna and Jeremy, we cannot wait to photograph your wedding next year! After getting to know the two of you, and spending some time drinking wine in your home, we have no doubt we're going to have a fantastic time!! 


The Watts

Ariana Watts

Silver Feather Studios, Burlington, NC, 27217, United States