Coker Arboretum Engagement | Jensen + Mtende

Oh what a lovely spring we are having this winter! February has creeped in with a bout of warm weather, budding flowers, and that lovely engagement session season. This year kicked off wonderfully with Jensen & Mtende's engagement at Coker Arboretum. I've been getting to know these two for months. Jensen is the guy who runs the show over at Co|Operative where I work, and Mtende is the one who's won all our hearts with her sweet African accent. They met over in Africa a few years ago, and now they are engaged with a wedding that is quickly approaching! 

To get them comfortable and ready for their big day, we went over to Chapel Hill and practiced doing all those warm and fuzzy huggy-type things together. It was a perfect way to get both of them relaxed, and resulted in this way-too-cute engagement session! I can't wait for their big day!!